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Updated on March 5, 2024

At a Glance

  • Wells Fargo routing numbers vary based on factors such as account type, account opening location, and transaction type.
  • Different states may share the same routing number, while others have unique ones.
  • For wire transfers within the US, the routing number is 121000248, while international transfers require the SWIFT code WFBIUS6S.
  • Routing numbers for line of credit transactions also differ. They are crucial for financial transactions and can be found on the Wells Fargo app, statements, website, checks, or by contacting customer service.

If there’s one thing you have to know about Wells Fargo routing numbers, it’s that they’re not the same for every individual. A person who opened their account in Idaho, for example, will have a different routing number from someone who opened theirs in New York.

In this article, we’ll tell you all about Wells Fargo routing numbers, how you can find them, and what they are in the first place.

Wells Fargo Routing Numbers By State/Territory

As mentioned above, your Wells Fargo routing number varies based on several factors. The first one is the type of account you have, the second is where you opened your account, and the third is the type of transaction that you have.

For instance, here’s a table containing Wells Fargo routing numbers based on the state or territory where you opened the account.

You’ll notice that some states share the same routing number. If you opened an account in California, you’ll be sharing the same routing number as someone who opened theirs in West Virginia.

Others are completely different, such as the case of Colorado and Georgia.

Arkansas, Texas111900659
California, Hawaii, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, Vermont, West Virginia, American Samoa, North Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, American Forces Abroad121042882
District of Columbia054001220
New Jersey021200025
New Mexico107002192
New York026012881
North Carolina053000219
North Dakota091300010
South Carolina053207766
South Dakota091400046
Texas – El Paso112000066

Miscellaneous Wells Fargo Routing Numbers

Aside from those, you also have miscellaneous Wells Fargo routing numbers. 

Command Asset Program102307164
Wells Fargo EasyPay Card031302777

Wells Fargo Wire Routing Number

If you’re thinking of doing a wire transfer, you should know that there’s a separate routing number for that.

That’s because wire transfers are processed differently from regular bank-to-bank transfers. In fact, the routing numbers are also different – this allows Wells Fargo to process the transactions faster.

If you’re transferring money to another person inside the United States, the routing number is 121000248.

However, if you’re transferring to someone from outside the country, you have to use the Wells Fargo SWIFT code, or WFBIUS6S, as the routing number.

Wells Fargo Line of Credit Routing Number

Your Wells Fargo routing number also depends on your line of credit. Here’s a table showing the different routing numbers:

650, 651, 654121042882
661, 662, 663321270742
742, 743122101191
748, 768122101191

What is a Routing Number?

Routing numbers were originally created by the American Bankers Association over 100 years ago.

A routing number, also known as the “ABA routing transit number,” is a code that serves as an identification for your specific bank. Because of this, these 9-digit-codes are entirely unique and vary from bank to bank.

Routing numbers are included in every financial transaction because they’re used to signal which institutions the money passed through. It’s typically required when you’re paying bills, creating a direct deposit, or making tax payments.

Think of it this way – if a bank didn’t have a routing number, the other bank that wants to send it money won’t know if it’s the correct institution or not.

You have to make sure that you’re using the correct routing number when transferring money – a wrong routing number can result in your money not going to the right place. Obviously, this can lead to various problems down the road, so it’s best to prevent it right from the start.

Smaller banks are not much of a problem, since they typically have only one routing number for all their branches if any. An online-only bank is also the same, with only one routing number for the entire bank.

However, if you have a large bank, such as Wells Fargo, you should also know that they use different routing numbers depending on the exact area. This is to differentiate between the multiple banks that they have throughout the country.

Therefore, if you’re an account holder at Wells Fargo, you should always double or even triple-check your routing number to ensure that you’re using the correct one.

How Do I Find My Wells Fargo Routing Number?

It’s very easy to find your Wells Fargo routing number.

The quickest way to do it is to go to the official Wells Fargo app. Here are the steps:

  1. Sign in using your login credentials.
  2. Choose the account whose routing number you want to know.
  3. Click “Show more detail” in order to see details about the account.
  4. Tap “Routing numbers” to check the routing number.

With this, you’ll be able to see the correct numbers for electronic transfers, direct deposits, and domestic wire payments. International wire transfers, as mentioned above, will need a SWIFT code.

You can also use other methods, such as checking your monthly statement, verifying on your bank’s official website, checking the E-Payments Routing Directory of the Federal Reserve Banks, or calling the Wells Fargo customer service at 1 800-869-3557 and asking them directly.

If you want to close a Wells Fargo account, you can also do so by contacting their customer service.

How to Find Your Wells Fargo Routing Number on a Check

If you want to deposit a check and have a physical check on hand, you can also use it to find your Wells Fargo routing number.

You just have to check the lower-left corner of your check. Here, you should see some numbers. The first nine digits make up your routing number.

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Wells Fargo Routing Number: Conclusion

Routing numbers can be confusing to those who are new to their banks or to banking in general. This is especially true if you’re an account holder at a big bank like Wells Fargo since it uses different routing numbers depending on various factors.

Luckily, this guide explained what routing numbers are, what your Wells Fargo routing number is, and how you can find it online or on your check. With this guide, you have everything you need for a seamless money transfer.

Wells Fargo Routing Numbers: Common FAQs

Wells Fargo customers often have questions about their routing numbers. Here are the top five:

1. What is a Wells Fargo routing number?

A Wells Fargo routing number is a nine-digit code used to identify the bank in a financial transaction. This number is used for electronic transfers, direct deposits, and wire transfers.

2. Where can I find my Wells Fargo routing number?

You can find your Wells Fargo routing number at the bottom of your checks, on your monthly bank statement, or through your online banking portal under the account details section.

3. Does Wells Fargo have different routing numbers for different states?

Yes, Wells Fargo has different routing numbers for different states. You should use the routing number for the state where you opened your account.

4. Can I find my Wells Fargo routing number online?

Yes, you can find your Wells Fargo routing number online by logging into your online banking account. It’s typically located in the account information or details section.

5. Can I use the same Wells Fargo routing number for domestic and international wires?

No, Wells Fargo uses a different routing number for domestic and international wires. Be sure to use the correct one based on your specific needs.

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