Best Nursing Schools in Maryland

Updated on January 9, 2024

Maryland has many excellent nursing schools that offer top-notch nursing education and training. With a mix of public and private institutions, students can find varied academic programs and specialties when researching the best fit for their interests and career aspirations.

When evaluating nursing schools in Maryland, key factors to consider include accreditation, program variety, graduation and certification exam pass rates, student-to-faculty ratios, access to clinical training sites, graduate career placement success, and tuition costs. Highly ranked schools excel across multiple areas to support student achievement.

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  • Maryland offers top-notch nursing education and training
  • Key factors to consider when evaluating nursing schools in Maryland
  • Profiles and rankings of top Maryland nursing schools
  • FAQs about nursing schools in Maryland

Johns Hopkins University

Location: Baltimore, MD

Rating: 9.5/10

Acceptance Rate: 11%

SAT Score: 1480-1560

Tuition: $55,350 per year

Avg Salary: $80,000


Johns Hopkins School of Nursing is world renowned for excellence in nursing education, research, and practice. Its highly competitive direct entry nursing program prepares students for licensure and careers as advanced generalist RNs. Graduate programs include top-ranked CRNA, MSN, DNP, PhD and post-master’s certificates.

University of Maryland

Location: Baltimore, MD

Rating: 9/10

Acceptance Rate: 46%

SAT Score: 1210-1460

Tuition: $10,958 per year (in-state), $32,066 per year (out-of-state)

Avg Salary: $75,000


The University of Maryland School of Nursing offers BSN, MSN, DNP, and PhD programs centered around innovation, leadership, and research in top specialties. Its Nurse Anesthesia program ranks #3 nationally by US News.

Salisbury University

Location: Salisbury, MD

Rating: 8.5/10

Acceptance Rate: 74%

SAT Score: 1090-1290

Tuition: $9,144 per year (in-state), $18,196 per year (out-of-state)

Avg Salary: $65,000


Salisbury University prepares nurses through experiential, high-impact programs focused on evidence-based practice, patient safety, and quality care. BSN, RN-BSN, and DNP options are available. The school is recognized for excellence in online nursing education.

Loyola University Maryland

Location: Baltimore, MD

Rating: 8.5/10

Acceptance Rate: 79%

SAT Score: 1210-1380

Tuition: $48,280 per year

Avg Salary: $70,000


Loyola University Maryland offers an accelerated BSN program as well as online RN to BSN and MSN degree options. Graduates benefit from the school’s strong reputation and connections with premier clinical partners.

Notre Dame of Maryland University

Location: Baltimore, MD

Rating: 8/10

Acceptance Rate: 71%

SAT Score: 1000-1200

Tuition: $35,700 per year

Avg Salary: $68,000


Notre Dame’s traditional BSN, accelerated BSN, online RN to BSN, and graduate programs develop socially responsible nurses through academic excellence and leadership opportunities.

Towson University

Location: Towson, MD

Rating: 8/10

Acceptance Rate: 76%

SAT Score: 1080-1270

Tuition: $9,150 per year (in-state), $21,324 per year (out-of-state)

Avg Salary: $70,000


Towson University’s CCNE accredited nursing programs include traditional BSN, accelerated 2nd degree BSN, RN to BSN, MSN, post-master’s certificates and DNP options with flexible full and part-time models.

Frostburg State University

Location: Frostburg, MD

Rating: 7.5/10

Acceptance Rate: 65%

SAT Score: 980-1160

Tuition: $9,062 per year (in-state), $19,302 per year (out-of-state)

Avg Salary: $63,000


Frostburg State prides itself on small class sizes and passionate faculty guiding students to success. The Department of Nursing offers traditional BSN, RN to BSN, and MSN programs fully approved by the Maryland Board of Nursing.

Mount St. Mary’s University

Location: Emmitsburg, MD

Rating: 7.5/10

Acceptance Rate: 69%

SAT Score: 1030-1210

Tuition: $37,430 per year

Avg Salary: $70,000


Mount St. Mary’s provides personalized nursing education focused on clinical reasoning, technology, ethics and holistic care. BSN, ABSN, RN to BSN and graduate pathways incorporate strong partnerships with regional healthcare employers.

Coppin State University

Location: Baltimore, MD

Rating: 7/10

Acceptance Rate: 48%

SAT Score: 830-990

Tuition: $5,877 per year (in-state), $13,485 per year (out-of-state)

Avg Salary: $58,000


Coppin State University’s Helene Fuld School of Nursing emphasizes community health and features programs from an LPN pathway up to a Master of Science in Nursing. Graduates consistently post strong licensure exam passing rates.

McDaniel College

Location: Westminster, MD

Rating: 7/10

Acceptance Rate: 74%

SAT Score: 1040-1240

Tuition: $46,640 per year

Avg Salary: $60,000


McDaniel’s nursing school highlights clinical experiences across the lifespan enhanced by state-of-the art simulation technology. Traditional BSN and RN to BSN tracks incorporate innovative teaching methods and liberal arts principles.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Nursing Schools in Maryland

What degree options are available at nursing schools in Maryland?

Maryland nursing schools offer pathway options including LPN/LVN, ASN to BSN, traditional BSN, accelerated BSN, RN to BSN, MSN, post-master’s certificates, DNP, and PhD programs. Both undergraduate and graduate specialties are available.

How long does it take to become an RN in Maryland?

A traditional, pre-licensure BSN program in Maryland takes 4 years. Accelerated BSN options for those with a prior bachelor’s degree take approximately 15-18 months. Specialized LPN training ranges from 1-2 years.

What is the average cost of nursing school in Maryland?

Tuition costs vary widely by program and school. In-state public school rates range $5,800-$10,900 per year while private schools average $35,000 to $55,000 annually for a BSN. Accelerated programs tend to cost more.

What clinical experience is required in Maryland nursing programs?

Nursing students complete hundreds of clinical practice hours across multiple healthcare settings to build competence. Experiences focus both on direct patient care and improving healthcare delivery systems.

What are passing rates like on the NCLEX exam?

Many top Maryland nursing schools boast exceptional first-time NCLEX-RN passing rates of 90-100%, demonstrating the strength of nursing education statewide. The state BON posts annual institutional reports.

Can I work while completing a nursing program in Maryland?

Many students work during nursing school in healthcare roles like CNAs for experience. However, nursing curricula are demanding so programs recommend limiting outside hours, especially for accelerated tracks. Timing/flexibility varies.

How competitive is nursing school admission in Maryland?

Admissions is moderately to highly competitive depending on the school and program. Accelerated and higher degree options tend to be more selective based on factors like test scores, GPAs, healthcare hours, and demand.

Are there lots of nursing scholarships and financial aid options?

Maryland offers many state and institutional nursing scholarships, grants, loan repayment programs and tuition waivers. Large private support exists too. All students should thoroughly explore funding.

Will a prior bachelor’s degree help with admissions or credits?

Those with bachelor’s degrees can often pursue accelerated BSN/MSN options leveraging some general credits. However nursing-specific prerequisites and licensing exams are still required.It may provide some advantage.

Can I get licensed in Maryland by exam after an out-of-state nursing program?

Yes, provided you meet set requirements for education and fundamentals of practice. Some additional documentation, background checks, an exam, and fingerprinting are also required to endorse into Maryland.

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