How to Cancel Xfinity – Steps to Take

Updated on April 9, 2024
At a Glance:
  • To cancel your Xfinity Internet service, follow these steps:

  • First, call Comcast Retention at 1-800-XFINITY or 1-800-COMCAST and clearly state your intention to cancel.

  • Prepare a valid reason, such as moving to an area without Comcast service, and stand your ground during the call, ignoring any offers or attempts to retain you.

  • Make sure to return any Comcast equipment as instructed to avoid charges, documenting the process with photos and receipts.

  • Afterward, call Comcast again to confirm the cancellation, settle any remaining issues, and inquire about outstanding balances.

  • Before canceling, consider alternative options, the end date of your service, potential early termination fees, and timely payment of your final bill.
  • Xfinity is a U.S.-based Internet provider and cable TV service provider that used to be known as Comcast. The provider has many plans, which range from 50 Mbps to 2,000 Mbps. But while some of its services can be quite amazing, they may also be expensive, and you may decide to cancel the plan and look for a cheaper option. Other people may be moving out and have no choice but to cancel Xfinity. Regardless of the reason, you might want to learn how to cancel Xfinity. Keep reading this post to see the right steps to take.

    How to Cancel Xfinity Internet

    Most people love Xfinity for its Internet services. But if you’re no longer pleased by the plan, you can cancel it. There are five steps that you should take to proceed with the cancellation.

    Step 1 – Call Comcast

    Calling the company is necessary if you want to cancel your Xfinity account. You should call Comcast Retention at 1-800-XFINITY or 1-800-COMCAST. The number should also appear on the bill. When you call, answer the menu by telling them about your wish to cancel your subscription.

    You should be aware that the menus can be quite confusing, but if you know what you want, things should proceed smoothly. Make sure you don’t talk to technical support or billing and don’t say that you want to transfer service to a different address, because you may be sent to another department.

    All you have to say is “Cancel Service”. You can simply look at their phone trees if you need help by using GetHuman. You can also skip the whole process if you want to.

    When you finally talk to a person, you should first ask them if they are with retention, and if they aren’t, you should ask to be transferred to the right specialist.

    Step 2 – Explain Why You Need to Cancel

    When you finally manage to speak to the Comcast retention department to cancel your Xfinity subscription, you need to prepare an excuse. The best way to make sure you are canceling the service is by telling them you are moving out, far away from areas that have Comcast services.

    Back in 2015, there was a Comcast employee manual that was leaked by The Verge. This manual offered the reasons one can cancel Xfinity. Although they were told by Comcast to take the manual down, people on the Internet were fast and saved the list of reasons for canceling an Xfinity subscription. Here are some reasons why you may cancel:

    • Natural disaster
    • The customer is moving to an area that doesn’t have Comcast
    • The customer is moving in with an already existing Comcast customer
    • The Seasonal Suspend Plan and Temporary / Seasonal Disconnect are not available where the customer lives
    • The account owner is incapacitated or deceased
    • The customer does not yet know the address they are moving to

    Most of these reasons will work out, but the best one is telling them you are moving to a place where Comcast services are not available. Other reasons may raise a lot of questions and it will be difficult to come up with a believable story.

    So, tell them you are moving to a non-Comcast area if you want to cancel your service without issues. The best way to do this is by telling them you are moving out of the country. You can tell them you are moving to Germany or England.

    Of course, you may be more tempted to tell Xfinity the real reason why you’re canceling the service. Many people reported slow speeds and the TV going out a lot of times despite the high pricing. But you shouldn’t do this if you want to cancel your subscription for good.

    Step 3 – Stand Your Ground

    Comcast does not want to lose its customers, that’s for sure. They may try to make you stick around by using every trick they can, like offering you free Internet upgrades, free HBO, or a better deal. They may even try to tell you to call back another day to cancel the service.

    Even if this sounds tempting, you should not let them convince you. It is your decision and your right to cancel. Stay friendly, but also firmly tell them that you wish to cancel the service.

    It’s important to be kind because the Comcast rep is the one responsible for what happens to your subscription. They may stop sending you bills and keep charging until you get sent to collection, or they may shut off the service earlier than agreed. But if you are kind, they will do everything right and offer you the cancellation you want.

    Step 4 – Return the Comcast Equipment

    You will have to return the Comcast equipment after cancellation. If you don’t do this the way they want, you may be charged. To make sure you do everything right, you should ask them about the equipment they have on your file and take notes somewhere. Then, write down their serial numbers. If they gave you any freebie, you should also return it.

    Returning the equipment can either be done at a Comcast store, UPS store, or in a prepaid box. Make sure to take pictures of the equipment and its serial numbers. Then, get a receipt and take a picture of it. It’s important to keep records.

    Step 5 – Confirm the Cancellation

    Call Comcast to confirm the cancellation. Ask if there is any unreturned equipment, outstanding balance and if the service is fully canceled. If things aren’t done, you should tell them to finish the cancellation and then call them back once again.

    Considerations Before Canceling Xfinity

    Before canceling Xfinity, you should think about these things:

    Is Canceling Your Best Option?

    You may decide to cancel Xfinity due to a slow connection or a high price. But you also have the option to move to a cheaper option. Also, if you are moving, you can always transfer the service to the new address. If you need any new equipment too, Xfinity will send it to you.

    When Will Your Internet Service End?

    When contacting Xfinity for the cancellation, you can ask them to put an end to it at a certain date. Xfinity may offer to cancel the service with the current billing cycle, but you can also decide on an earlier date. After making the cancellation request, bear in mind that it may take a few business days.

    How Much Is the Early Termination Fee?

    You will have to pay an early termination fee every month until the end of your contract. Every month, the fee drops by $10 until it reaches $10 for the last initial contract month.

    When Will You Get Your Last Bill?

    The last bill for your last billing cycle will come on the same date as it always did. Make sure you pay this bill, even if you get it once you’ve canceled the subscription.

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    Final Thoughts

    Canceling Xfinity is possible as long as you give them a good reason. So, if you were wondering how to cancel Xfinity, you now have the right steps to take. We hope our article has helped you make the best decision for you.

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