How to Cancel Dish Network

Updated on April 9, 2024
At a Glance:
  • To cancel DISH Network, call their customer service.

  • Early termination may incur fees.

  • After canceling, return equipment as instructed or face charges.

  • You can suspend service temporarily or transfer it.

  • If relocating, move your service.

  • For unexpected charges post-cancellation, contact DISH.

  • Before canceling, inquire about retention offers or deals.
  • Canceling some kinds of services can be a difficult and frustrating experience. Cancellation fees can also make the process a financial burden. If you are not sure of the best way to do it, read on to learn how to cancel DISH Network.

    How to Cancel DISH Network Service

    If you’re considering ending your DISH Network subscription, follow these steps:

    1. Call 1-866-218-2297.
    2. Be aware of the early termination fee if you cancel before your contract ends: $20 per month for each remaining month. For example, five months left would cost $100.
    3. Remember, if you cancel at the end of your term, there’s no fee.
    4. Prepare to pay a $15 fee for each shipping box needed to return equipment.

    How to Pause DISH Network Service

    Taking a temporary break from DISH Network is straightforward:

    1. Call 1-888-876-7918.
    2. Follow the representative’s instructions to place your account on hold.

    How to Move DISH Network Service

    Relocating and want to continue with DISH Network? Here’s what to do:

    1. Call 1-800-333-DISH (3474).
    2. Provide your new address and desired installation date.
    3. Ensure your DISH Network equipment is unpacked and ready for the technician on the installation day.

    Note: Moving more than once in a 12-month period incurs a $100 fee.

    How to Transfer DISH Network Service

    Transferring your DISH Network service to someone else involves a few steps:

    1. Call 1-877-249-8221.
    2. Be prepared to pay a fee equivalent to the first month of service under the new name.
    3. Remember, additional activation fees might apply based on the new customer’s credit check.

    How to Change DISH Network Service

    Adjusting your DISH Network service package is easy:

    1. Call 1-800-333-DISH (3474).
    2. Discuss your desired changes with the representative.
    3. Understand the pro-rated credits or fees if you downgrade or upgrade your package.

    How to Lower Your DISH Network Bill

    If you’re looking to make your DISH Network bill more affordable:

    1. Call 1-866-986-8959.
    2. Discuss your budget concerns with the representative.
    3. Explore the variety of options they offer to fit your budget.

    How to Troubleshoot DISH Network Service

    Experiencing issues with your DISH Network service? Here’s how to get help:

    1. Call the 24/7 technical support line at 1-855-402-3233.
    2. Alternatively, use the customer support chat available from 8 a.m. to midnight (EST).
    3. For self-help, visit the DISH Network Online Support Center.

    Alternatives to Canceling DISH Network

    If you are not sure whether you want to cancel DISH Network, there are some alternatives you can explore. You can use the customer retention process to your advantage. If you call the customer support line to cancel, they will offer various free services or offer to reduce your bill.

    There are several other ways you can lower your DISH Network bill.

    1. Change your contract: Once your current contract expires, you can switch to month-to-month billing.
    2. Longer contract: if you do not plan on moving house any time soon, you can call Customer Support and offer to sign a contract for a year or two years in exchange for a discount.
    3. Loyalty discount: You may be able to negotiate a loyalty discount without a contract, but this is not likely.
    4. Fees: If you have late fees on your account, you can likely call Customer Service and ask for these to be reduced or canceled.

    DISH Network Cancellation Policy Explained

    Navigating the cancellation process for any service can be daunting. If you’re thinking of parting ways with DISH Network, it’s essential to understand their cancellation policy to avoid unexpected fees and ensure a smooth transition. Here’s a concise breakdown:

    1. Initiating Cancellation: Begin by calling 1-866-218-2297 to discuss your cancellation.
    2. Early Termination Fee: If you’re still under contract, be prepared for an early termination fee. This fee is $20 for each month remaining in your contract. For instance, if you have five months left, you’ll be charged $100.
    3. End of Term: Good news! If you’re at the end of your contract term, there’s no cancellation fee.
    4. Equipment Returns: After canceling, you’ll need to return any DISH Network equipment. There’s a $15 fee for each shipping box required for the return.

    Remember, it’s always a good idea to discuss your concerns with a representative before making a final decision. They might offer solutions or deals that could change your mind.

    DISH Network Cancelation Fees

    Canceling your DISH Network service might seem straightforward, but it’s essential to be aware of the associated fees. Here’s a breakdown of the potential costs:

    Early Termination Fees

    DISH Network has a range of fees depending on the service:

    Service NameMaximum Fee
    New Customers$480
    Dishnet Wireline$240
    Dishnet Satellite$420
    DISH’n it up$480
    Preferred Customer Offer$240
    New Customer$480
    Credit with Commitment$120-$240

    Note: These fees are prorated based on the remaining months in your contract. For instance, if you have 12 months left in a contract for two services and decide to cancel, you’ll be charged a prorated amount for each of those 12 months for both services.

    Unreturned Equipment Fees

    Even if you’ve been paying a monthly rental fee for your equipment, failing to return it will result in a charge. Here’s the cost breakdown:

    Equipment NameCost
    Hopper 3$350.00
    Hopper with Sling$300.00
    Hopper Duo$250.00
    4K Joey$50.00
    Super Joey$100.00
    Wired Joey$50.00
    Wireless Joey$25.00
    Smart Card$50.00

    Ensure you’re aware of these fees before making a decision to avoid any unexpected charges.

    How to Find DISH Network Charges on a Credit Card

    After canceling your DISH Network service, it’s crucial to ensure that no further charges appear on your credit card statement. Sometimes, these charges can be overlooked, especially if they’re listed under different transaction names. To help you identify any lingering DISH Network charges, here’s a guide on how they might appear on your statement:

    • AUTOPAY/DISH NTWK 800-894-9131 CO
    • Debit Purchase -visa Dish Network-one800-894-9131co
    • DISH NETWORK-ONE TIME 800-333-3474 CO
    • DISH NETWORK-ONE TIME 800-894-9131 CO
    • DISH Network Bill Payment
    • Electronic Withdrawal Dish Network
    • DISH NETWORK-ONE TIME 08003333474 CO
    • Debit Purchase -visa Dish Network-one800-333-3474co
    • DISH NETWORK-ONE TIM800-894-9131 CO
    • DISH NETWORK-ONE TIME 800-894-91
    • DISH NETWORK DISH DIG 877-811-4788 CO
    • AUTOPAY/DISH NTWK 800-333-3474 CO
    • AUTOPAY/DISH NTWK 800-894-9131 CO
    • DISH NETWORK-ONE TIME 08003333474 CO 80112 USA
    • DISH NETWORK DISH DIGITA 877-811-4788 CO
    • DISH NETWORK-ONE TIME 800-333-3474 CO 80112 US
    • DISH NETWORK – SLING 877-811-4788 CO
    • Web Authorized Pmt Dish Network
    • DISH NETWORK-ONE800-894-9131CO

    To ensure you’re not being charged after cancellation, review your credit card statements carefully for the next few months. If you spot any of the above transaction names or anything similar, contact DISH Network immediately to resolve the issue.

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    Final Thoughts 

    The process of how to cancel Dish Network can be a frustrating one. You can only cancel by calling the help center. There is no option for online or in-person cancellation. One important thing to make sure of is that you return all the Dish Network equipment to avoid being charged a fee. If you cancel before the end of your contract, there is an early termination fee of $20 per month.

    Canceling DISH Network FAQ

    Below, you will find some common questions around canceling DISH Network services and their answers.

    How do I cancel my DISH Network service?

    To cancel your service, you typically need to call DISH Network’s customer service line.

    Are there any early termination fees associated with canceling my service?

    Yes, if you’re under a contract and decide to cancel before it ends, you may be subject to early termination fees. The fee amount can vary based on the remaining months in your contract.

    How do I return my DISH Network equipment after canceling?

    After canceling, DISH Network will provide instructions on how to return your equipment. You may be sent prepaid shipping boxes or be directed to drop off the equipment at specific locations.

    What happens if I don’t return the equipment?

    If you fail to return the equipment, you may be charged for it. The fees can vary based on the type of equipment.

    Can I pause or suspend my DISH Network service instead of canceling?

    Yes, DISH Network offers the option to place your account on hold for specific periods, which can be useful if you’re traveling or facing temporary financial difficulties.

    Will I be refunded for any prepaid services if I cancel?

    Refund policies can vary, but typically, if you’ve prepaid for services and cancel before the end of the billing cycle, you may be eligible for a prorated refund.

    Can I transfer my DISH Network service to someone else?

    Yes, DISH Network allows service transfers. There might be fees associated with the transfer, and the new account holder may need to undergo a credit check.

    What if I’m moving to a new address?

    If you’re relocating, you can transfer your DISH Network service to your new address. Contact their customer service to arrange the move.

    I’ve canceled, but I still see charges from DISH Network on my credit card. What should I do?

    If you notice charges after canceling, contact DISH Network’s customer service immediately to resolve the issue.

    Are there any deals or offers to retain me as a customer if I consider canceling?

    Often, service providers, including DISH Network, may offer special deals or discounts to retain customers. It’s a good idea to discuss any concerns or reasons for canceling with a representative, as they might provide offers to address your needs.

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