How to Cancel a Crunchyroll Membership: 4 Ways

Updated on April 9, 2024
At a Glance:
  • Crunchyroll, the popular anime streaming service, offers over 1,000 anime series for its members.

  • Canceling Crunchyroll is easy and can be done through various methods, including credit card, PayPal, the Crunchyroll app, and iOS.

  • Follow the specific steps for each method to cancel your membership hassle-free.
  • Many anime fans are looking for an ideal streaming service to watch their favorite shows and keep up with the weekly episodes that come out for different series. Crunchyroll is a great anime streaming service with more than 1,000 anime series available. Therefore, a lot of individuals decide to pay for a membership to watch the most popular anime shows.

    But after a while, they may start wondering how to cancel Crunchyroll membership. Are you in the same boat? Canceling Crunchyroll is not that difficult, so read on to find out what methods you have available.

    How to Cancel Crunchyroll

    There are currently four methods for canceling a Crunchyroll membership. The one you’ll use will depend in how you subscribed. The methods include:

    1. Canceling if you pay by credit card
    2. Canceling if you pay through PayPal
    3. Canceling through the Crunchyroll app
    4. Canceling on iOS

    Read in to learn how to use each of these method to cancel your memebership.

    1. How to Cancel Crunchyroll If You Paid by Credit Card

    1. Log into your Crunchyroll account: Visit Crunchyroll’s login page and sign in.
    2. Navigate to your account settings: Go to Crunchyroll’s membership page or click on your username to go to ‘My Account’.
    3. Select ‘Membership Info’: This is where you can manage your subscription details.
    4. Click on ‘Cancel Subscription’: You’ll find this option in the membership info section.
    5. Confirm cancellation: Scroll to the bottom of the next page and click ‘CANCEL MEMBERSHIP’ to confirm.
    6. Check for a confirmation message: A message should appear confirming the cancellation of your subscription.

    2. How to Cancel Crunchyroll If Subscribed Through PayPal

    1. Log into PayPal: Go to PayPal’s website and sign in.
    2. Access settings: Click on the ‘Settings’ tab.
    3. Manage automatic payments: Click on ‘Manage Automatic Payments’.
    4. Select ‘Ellation Holdings Inc’: This is the company related to Crunchyroll payments.
    5. Cancel the recurring payments: This ensures that no further payments are made to Crunchyroll through PayPal.

    3. How to Cancel Crunchyroll Through the Crunchyroll App

    1. Log into the Crunchyroll app: Open the app and sign in.
    2. Go to the Account page: Access your account settings.
    3. Tap ‘Cancel’: This will cancel your subscription through the app.

    4. How to Cancel Crunchyroll on iOS

    1. Open the device’s Settings app: Navigate to settings on your iPhone or iPad.
    2. Tap your name: Access your Apple ID and subscription settings.
    3. Select ‘Subscriptions’: Here you’ll find all your active app subscriptions.
    4. Choose Crunchyroll: Find the Crunchyroll subscription.
    5. Tap ‘Cancel Subscription’: You may need to scroll to find this option. If it’s not visible, your membership might already be canceled.

    Why Cancel Crunchyroll?

    When anime fans first subscribe to Crunchyroll, they often find themselves in paradise. With a wide selection of titles and the ability to keep up with weekly episode releases, it’s a dream come true. Crunchyroll offers three different membership tiers: Fan, Mega Fan, and Ultra Fan.

    However, as time goes by, some subscribers may find themselves wanting to explore other options. There are now several great streaming services available for anime lovers, such as Funimation, Hulu, and Netflix. These platforms offer a diverse range of anime shows, giving viewers more choices and alternatives to Crunchyroll.

    As a result, many individuals decide to cancel their Crunchyroll membership. There are various reasons for this. Some cancel because they have found another streaming service with a better selection of series that aligns with their preferences. Others may no longer have the time or interest to watch anime, and there’s no point in paying for a service they won’t use. Additionally, financial considerations may also play a role in the decision to cancel, as personal circumstances may change and every penny counts.

    So, if you find yourself in a situation where you no longer find Crunchyroll fulfilling your anime-watching needs, it may be time to consider canceling your membership. Explore other streaming options and determine what works best for you and your preferences.

    How to Find Crunchyroll on Your Bank Statement

    Here are some examples of how Crunchyroll may appear on your statement:

    • CRUNCH INSURANCE 4401242808740 GB
    • CRI*CRUNCHYROLL MEMBER 415-503-9235 CA 94103 US
    • VISA DDA PUR 469216 CRI CRUNCHYROLL MEMBER 415 503 9235 * CA
    • CRI*CRUNCHYROLL MEMB415-503-9235 CA
    • Payment to Crunchyroll
    • CRI*CR PAYMENT VERIF415-503-9235 CA
    • Payment to Crunchyroll, Inc.
    • PAYPAL *CRUNCHYROLL 402-935-7733 CA
    • Debit Purchase – Visa Cri*crunchyroll 415-503-9235ca
    • CRI*CRUNCHYROLL MEMBER 415-503-9235 CA
    • PaymentTo Crunchyroll
    • CRUNCHYROLL * 415-503-9235 CA
    • Recurring payment to Crunchyroll, Inc.
    • CRI*CRUNCHYROLL MEMBER 415-503-9235 CA 94103 USA
    • CRI*CRUNCHYROLL MEMBE 415-503-9235 CA
    • PAYPAL *CRUNCHYROLL 4029357733 CA
    • CRI CRUNCHYROLL MEMBER 415 503 9235 * CA
    • CRUNCHYROLL 402-935-7733 CA
    • CRI*CRUNCHYROLL 415-503-9235CA

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    Final Thoughts

    While some people are thinking about how to cancel Peacock, others are trying to figure out how to cancel Crunchyroll. The latter can be canceled via the Crunchyroll application or PayPal, depending on what payment method you settled for.

    Luckily, neither of the cancellation processes are difficult, so you will be able to terminate your membership in no time. The membership will revert to a free account afterward.

    How to Cancel Crunchyroll FAQ

    How Can I Cancel My Crunchyroll Subscription?

    To cancel your Crunchyroll subscription, log into your Crunchyroll account, navigate to the Account settings, find the “Membership Plan” section, and select the option to cancel your membership.

    Can I Cancel Crunchyroll Through the App?

    If you subscribed to Crunchyroll via an app store (like Apple’s App Store or Google Play), you need to cancel the subscription through the respective app store’s subscription management settings.

    Will I Get a Refund After Cancelling My Crunchyroll Subscription?

    Crunchyroll typically does not offer refunds for partially used subscription periods. Your access will continue until the end of your current billing cycle.

    What Happens to My Account After I Cancel?

    After cancellation, your account will revert to a free Crunchyroll account. You’ll lose access to premium features, but you can still watch limited content with ads.

    Can I Reactivate My Crunchyroll Subscription After Cancelling?

    Yes, you can reactivate your Crunchyroll subscription at any time by logging into your account and updating your membership plan.

    Does Cancelling Crunchyroll Delete My Account?

    No, cancelling your subscription does not delete your Crunchyroll account. Your account remains active as a free account, and you can still access free content.

    How Do I Cancel a Crunchyroll Subscription on iOS?

    To cancel a Crunchyroll subscription on an iOS device, go to your iPhone or iPad settings, tap your Apple ID, navigate to Subscriptions, find Crunchyroll, and select Cancel Subscription.

    How Do I Cancel a Crunchyroll Subscription on Android?

    To cancel on an Android device, open the Google Play Store, tap the menu, go to Subscriptions, select Crunchyroll, and then choose Cancel Subscription.

    What if I Can’t Find the Option to Cancel on My Crunchyroll Account?

    If you’re having trouble finding the option to cancel, it might be because you subscribed through a different platform. Check where you initially subscribed (like iTunes, Google Play, or directly through Crunchyroll) and cancel through that service.

    Will Cancelling Crunchyroll Affect My Watch History or Favorites?

    No, cancelling your subscription won’t affect your watch history or favorites. These are linked to your account, not your subscription status, and will be retained in case you decide to renew your subscription in the future.

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