Best Laptop for Nursing School: Top Picks for Students

Updated on February 4, 2024

Laptops have become indispensable tools for students in all fields of study, and nursing school is no exception. With the growth of digital technology in healthcare, nursing students need reliable laptops to handle a variety of tasks from research and writing papers to accessing online course materials and participating in virtual simulations. The right laptop must be capable of running healthcare software, be portable for on-the-go learning, and durable enough to withstand the demands of a busy academic and clinical environment.

When selecting the best laptop for nursing school, it’s essential to consider several key factors. Performance is critical; the laptop must have a fast processor, sufficient RAM, and ample storage to handle multitasking and data-heavy applications without lag. Battery life is another important consideration — a laptop that can last through back-to-back classes and clinicals without needing a charge is invaluable. Additionally, a lightweight design and sturdy build are beneficial for mobility and durability, as nursing students often transition between classroom settings and clinical sites.

Screen quality can’t be overlooked either. A display with good resolution can make reading detailed charts and documents less straining on the eyes, which is important for long study sessions. Furthermore, connectivity options such as USB ports and wireless capabilities ensure that peripherals and internet access are always within reach, facilitating seamless interaction with printers, external drives, and online resources.

Considering these aspects, we have evaluated numerous laptops to determine which models best meet the needs of nursing students. Our comprehensive analysis took into account performance benchmarks, battery longevity, design ergonomics, and user feedback to craft a list that promises to keep pace with the rigorous demands of nursing education.

Top Laptops for Nursing Students

We understand the importance of having a reliable laptop for nursing school, where managing coursework, accessing medical databases, and note-taking are part of daily life. Our selection caters to the specific needs of nursing students, balancing performance, portability, and battery life to ensure you can work efficiently both in the classroom and during clinical rounds.

HP 14″ Pink Laptop

HP Newest 14" HD Laptop, Windows 11, Intel Celeron Dual-Core Processor Up to 2.60GHz, 4GB RAM, 64GB SSD, Webcam, Dale Pink(Renewed) (Dale Pink)

In our experience, this stylish Dale Pink HP laptop meets the needs of nursing students looking for a reliable, budget-friendly option.

  • Lightweight and portable, ideal for long days on campus
  • Quick to set up and start using, thanks to Windows 11
  • The attractive Dale Pink color makes it a trendy choice among peers
  • Limited storage capacity may necessitate an external hard drive or cloud storage
  • Multitasking can be sluggish due to 4GB RAM
  • Built as a renewed product, it may not appeal to those seeking brand new devices
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We’ve personally found that the HP 14″ Pink Laptop simplifies life for nursing students through its portability. Its compact size fits comfortably in most backpacks, providing convenience for those who are always on the move between lectures, study sessions, and clinical placements.

Performance-wise, we’ve observed it handles most software used in nursing programs efficiently. The quick boot-up time and user-friendly nature of Windows 11 are significant pluses, making it straightforward for us to recommend this laptop to students who want to avoid complicated setups and dive straight into their studies.

However, we did notice that when we opened multiple tabs and applications, there was a noticeable dip in performance. So while it’s ideal for basic tasks, students who require extensive multitasking might find the experience less smooth. Also, with 64GB of SSD storage, you might need additional storage solutions to manage all your study materials, though cloud services could be a simple fix.

In conclusion, the HP 14″ Pink Laptop (Renewed) is a solid choice for nursing school students who prioritize affordability and are content with running essential programs without the need for intensive multitasking. It’s a dependable sidekick for tackling everyday academic tasks with ease and style.

2020 HP 14″ HD Laptop

2020 HP 14" HD (1366 x 768) Thin and Light Laptop PC, Intel Celeron N4020 Dual-Core Processor, 4GB DDR4 Memory, 64GB eMMC, HDMI, WiFi, Bluetooth, Windows 10 S, 1 Year Microsoft 365, Snowflake Whi...

For those nursing students seeking a reliable and user-friendly laptop, this HP model is a contender worth considering.

  • Streamlined for portability, ideal for on-the-go study sessions
  • Seamless integration with Microsoft 365 enhances productivity
  • The inclusion of SSD provides quicker boot-up times for efficient use
  • Lower screen resolution may not be ideal for multimedia tasks
  • Performance can be sluggish with heavy multitasking
  • Windows 10 S mode restricts software installation to Microsoft Store apps
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From our experience, this HP laptop is built to cater to the needs of nursing school students who prioritize mobility and convenience. The lightweight design makes it a breeze to carry around, from lectures to libraries or even cafes where you might find a quiet corner to study. Its quick boot-up means you’ll waste no time getting started on your coursework.

However, don’t expect this HP to be the powerhouse that plows through intensive applications. It’s perfectly tuned for writing papers, creating spreadsheets, and conducting research, but juggling several tasks at once can slow it down. Nursing students who often depend on multimedia for their studies might find the 720p screen lacking the clarity they need for detailed imagery.

Remember, while in Windows 10 S mode, you’re limited to applications from the Microsoft Store, which is great for security but might feel restrictive. Thankfully, it does keep the system running smoothly, and the transition out of S mode is always an option if you require more versatility.

In sum, if you’re a nursing student searching for a no-fuss, dependable laptop for your everyday classes and assignments, this HP will serve you well, as long as heavy multitasking isn’t on your daily agenda.

HP 14″ Celeron 16GB

HP Essential Laptop, 14" HD Display, Intel Celeron N4120, 16GB RAM, 64GB eMMC, Webcam, HDMI, Wi-Fi, RJ-45, 1 Year Office 365, Windows 11 Home, Rose Gold

We recommend this stylish laptop for busy nursing students, as it strikes a balance between functionality and portability.

  • Lightweight design makes it easy to carry around campus
  • Boot-up and data transfer feel swift thanks to the integrated eMMC storage
  • The year-long Office 365 subscription is a boon for managing academic work
  • The 64GB eMMC storage might be limiting for those with extensive media and document libraries
  • With a Celeron processor, multitasking performance isn't the strongest
  • The HD screen may not be the best for those used to higher resolution displays
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Navigating a nursing school’s rigorous demands requires a reliable laptop by your side, and we’ve found the HP 14″ Celeron 16GB to be a solid companion. Its rose gold finish gives it an appealing look that stands out in the classroom. Though it may not break speed records, the Intel Celeron N4120 processor handles essential tasks without a hitch. Assignments, research, and patient care simulations run smoothly, offering a seamless studying experience.

We particularly appreciate the machine’s portability. Toting it between home, class, and clinicals is a breeze, thanks to its slim profile and featherlight build. Plus, with a selection of USB ports and an HDMI connection, it’s ready for peripherals and presentations alike.

However, it’s prudent to consider the constraints of storage space. The onboard 64GB is swift but may fill up quickly with heavy coursework. And while the HD display is clear and bright, those accustomed to sharper screens might notice the difference in resolution. Nevertheless, for day-to-day school tasks and online browsing, it performs admirably.

Overall, the blend of stylish looks, adequate performance, and student-friendly features makes the HP 14″ Celeron 16GB a compelling choice for nursing students. It’s equipped to keep pace with the varied demands of academic life, even if it’s not the powerhouse some may desire.

HP Stream 14

HP Newest Laptop Computer, 14” HD Light PC, Intel Quad-Core Celeron N4120, 8GB DDR4 RAM, 192GB Storage, 1-Year Office 365, Windows 11, Long Battery Life, Webcam, USB-C, Wi-Fi 5, HDMI, Rose Gold, PCM

After extensive use, we recommend the HP Stream 14 for its solid performance and portability, making it ideal for nursing students who are always on the go.

  • Lightweight and easy to carry from class to class
  • Quick boot times and efficient multitasking with 8GB RAM and 192GB storage
  • Long battery life, which is perfect for long shifts or study sessions
  • HD resolution not Full HD, could be sharper for some multimedia tasks
  • No touchscreen, which might limit interaction for some users
  • Limited to S mode unless you switch out of it for full Windows applications
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When we used the HP Stream 14, the first thing we noticed was how lightweight it felt, truly embodying what it means to be a portable laptop. Nursing school can be hectic, and having a device that’s easy to carry around is a game-changer. The slim bezel design provides a more immersive viewing experience, which helped us stay focused when reviewing digital textbooks and online resources.

Multitasking on this laptop is a breeze. With 8GB of DDR4 RAM and a Quad-Core Intel Celeron processor, we were able to run multiple applications at once without experiencing lag. This smooth performance is essential when you’re managing patient data or concurrently accessing different study materials. The 192GB of storage is divided between high-speed eMMC and a 128GB SD card, giving us ample space for all our files and ensuring quick boot-up times—a feature we didn’t know we needed until we experienced it.

Battery life on the HP Stream 14 surpassed our expectations. We didn’t have to worry about taking a charger to every class or seeking out the nearest power outlet, as we confidently got through most of the day on a single charge. Moreover, the HP Fast Charge technology meant that whenever we did need to plug in, we weren’t tethered to the wall for long.

While we appreciated the HD display for its clarity and brightness, those who are used to Full HD or better displays might find it lacking, especially for media-heavy tasks. Additionally, the absence of a touchscreen presented a minor inconvenience during certain tasks, although this was not a deal-breaker. Lastly, while the laptop ships with Windows 11 in S mode—great for security and performance—some may find this restrictive and may prefer switching to the full version of Windows for more flexibility.

In our collective experience, the HP Stream 14 checks all the essential boxes for a dependable, user-friendly laptop suitable for the busy life of a nursing student. Its blend of portability, power, and endurance makes it an admirable choice for those who value efficiency and reliability in their studies and beyond.

Buying Guide

Essential Features

Before making a purchase, consider these vital features:

  • Portability: Look for lightweight models that are easy to carry. A convenient size is typically between 13 to 15 inches.
  • Performance: Prioritize processors that can handle multitasking, such as attending online classes while running software for assignments.
  • Battery Life: Seek laptops with a long-lasting battery, at least 8 hours, to ensure a full day of classes without needing a charge.
  • Durability: A robust build quality will better withstand daily travel and occasional drops.

We recommend these minimum specifications to ensure a smooth computing experience:

ProcessorCore i5 or equivalent
RAM8GB or more
Storage256GB SSD or more
DisplayFull HD (1920 x 1080)
Battery Life8 hours minimum

Connectivity & Accessibility

Secure a laptop with:

  • Multiple USB ports for peripherals.
  • Reliable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for wireless connectivity.
  • A webcam and microphone for communication.

Additional Considerations

Keep an eye out for:

  • Operating System: Familiarity with the OS will aid productivity.
  • Warranty and Support: Look for at least a one-year warranty and accessible customer support.
  • Price: Balance the features with your budget, aiming for the best value rather than the cheapest option.

We suggest compiling a list of your needs and comparing it with these guidelines to determine the ideal laptop for nursing school.

Frequently Asked Questions

When considering laptops for nursing school, we need to focus on several key features: reliability, battery life, portability, performance, and affordability. These characteristics ensure the laptop will effectively meet the educational needs of a nursing student.

What are the essential laptop features for nursing school students?

For nursing students, a laptop should be lightweight for easy portability, possess a long-lasting battery to get through classes and study sessions, and have a strong processor to handle multiple applications smoothly. A high resolution screen is also important for studying detailed diagrams and online content.

We recommend at least 8GB of RAM for running complex software and multitasking with efficiency. For storage, a 256GB SSD is the minimum we advise to store all necessary programs, documents, and multimedia without compromising on speed and accessibility.

Are there affordable laptop options suitable for nursing students?

Yes, there are budget-friendly laptops that are suitable for nursing students. They should look for options that balance cost with performance — ideally, models that still offer sufficient RAM, a solid-state drive, and a good battery life. Many well-known brands offer laptops that fit these criteria without breaking the bank.

Can tablets be effective for nursing school coursework and requirements?

Tablets can be a good supplemental device due to their portability and ease of use. They are particularly effective for reading textbooks and scholarly articles, taking notes, and studying on the go. However, some tasks may still require a laptop with a full operating system for compatibility with certain software.

What are the benefits of using a MacBook for nursing school?

A MacBook offers a high-quality display, robust build, and an efficient operating system that is often preferred for its resilience against viruses. The seamless integration with other Apple devices and services can also be advantageous for nursing students who use multiple devices to study and complete assignments.

Is it possible to get financial assistance for purchasing a laptop as a nursing student?

Many schools offer financial aid packages that include funds for necessary equipment like laptops. Additionally, there are scholarship programs and grants specifically for nursing students that can be applied toward technology purchases. We advise students to check with their school’s financial aid office and to search for applicable scholarships and grants.

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