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Personal loans designed for visa holders without U.S. credit history

Visa Accepted.

Other lenders won't work with you because of your visa status. But at Stilt, visa holders are always welcome.

No Credit History Needed.

We understand that most visa holders have little more no credit history in the U.S. and that's okay!

No Cosigner Required.

We make decisions based only on your merit and do not need a U.S. citizen or a permanent resident cosigner.

Build Credit.

If you don’t have an SSN yet there is no need to worry, you are still eligible to apply.

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What we look for

We believe you are more than a credit score. We understand you better than others and look at your holistic profile to approve more loans.

  • Education

  • Financial Behavior

  • Current employment or employability

  • Soft Credit Check (for applicants with credit history)

  • Defaults, Collections, or Bankruptcies

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