Best Visitor Insurance in the USA: 3 Options

Updated on April 9, 2024

At a Glance

  • Visitor insurance provides coverage for individuals on temporary visas, such as B1 visas, while visiting the U.S.
  • It helps cover qualifying medical expenses for beneficiaries during their stay abroad.
  • Two types of visitor insurance include fixed travel insurance (budget option) and comprehensive travel insurance (higher coverage limits).
  • Popular visitor insurance options in the USA include Atlas America, Patriot America Plus, Safe Travels USA Comprehensive, VisitorSecure, and Visitors Care.

When planning your international travels, health-related concerns often raise their heads, especially if your visit involves coming into contact with relatives or tourists from different parts of the world. Many people book trips months in advance, securing plane tickets and accommodation for themselves and their family. Even adults could find themselves at risk for an accident or illness in a foreign country. Your current health insurance may not cover overseas expenses, especially if you are visiting the USA as foreigners from your home country. In such a condition, considering a constructive choice like the best visitor insurance USA, designed for non-citizens traveling overseas, becomes a viable option. This kind of travel health insurance is a short-term coverage solution for travelers dealing with possible illness or injury. The policy maximum amount, onset of coverage, and deductible, or copay, can vary depending on the ages and health conditions of the travelers. Here’s how it works.

3 Best Visitor Insurance in the USA

In the realm of visitor insurance, as of 2023, there’s a distinct set of companies that have solidified their reputation for providing top-notch services. They offer various types of travel health insurance plans, each designed to benefit different needs, from injury care to illness management. The plans even have expanded options for adults of various ages, ensuring a safe hospital visit if necessary. Here’s a deeper look into some of these global leaders:

GlobalGuard Insurance (Best for Comprehensive Coverage)

As one of the front-runners in the world of insurance, GlobalGuard Insurance has garnered attention for its robust insurance packages. Their visitors’ insurance policies feature a range of coverage options addressing a range of health conditions, from the common cold to accidents, making it a popular choice among travelers of all ages.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive Coverage: GlobalGuard ensures a wide range of medical emergencies and scenarios are covered, from hospitalizations to outpatient services.
  • Customer Service: The company prides itself on its rapid response time and the professionalism of its representatives, ensuring that customers always feel supported.
  • Global Reach: With affiliations and collaborations across multiple countries, GlobalGuard offers extensive geographic coverage.

SecureVisitors (Best for Competitive Pricing)

SecureVisitors stands out with its impressive network and competitive pricing. With a good policy maximum amount and deductible options, it provides insurance coverage, making it a favorite among frequent travelers seeking comprehensive care overseas.

Key Features:

  • Extensive Healthcare Network: Collaborations with a vast number of healthcare providers worldwide ensure clients have access to top-tier medical services wherever they travel.
  • Competitive Pricing: While providing top-notch coverage, SecureVisitors maintains pricing that’s friendly to different budgets.
  • Flexible Plans: Catering to various travelers, from business professionals to holidaymakers, they offer plans tailored to diverse needs.

HealthShield Assurance (Best for Plans for Individual Traveler Needs)

A dynamic insurance provider, HealthShield Assurance, focuses on creating insurance plans aligning with individual traveler requirements. Whether you need basic illness care or coverage for complex health conditions, they offer visitor insurance policies with tailor-made maximum policy and deductible options.

Key Features:

  • Personalized Plans: Recognizing that each traveler has unique needs, HealthShield offers plans that can be tailored based on duration, coverage areas, and specific medical conditions.
  • Range of Offerings: From basic coverage to premium plans, HealthShield Assurance provides a spectrum of options to cater to different budget and coverage preferences.
  • Customer-Centric Approach: The company places a strong emphasis on ensuring customer satisfaction, right from the policy selection process to claim settlements.


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Recap: Best Visitor Insurance in the USA

  • GlobalGuard Insurance – Best for Comprehensive Coverage
  • SecureVisitors – Best for Competitive Pricing
  • HealthShield Assurance – Best for Plans for Individual Traveler Needs

What is Visitor Insurance?

Visitor insurance is a form of travel health insurance designed to provide financial protection, especially for foreigners traveling to a foreign country. These insurance plans can be an essential ingredient in your travel plans, providing comprehensive medical coverage, emergency medical evacuation, as well as other essential benefits, offering peace of mind to travelers in case of unexpected health issues or accidents. The benefits of having such an insurance policy are enormous, giving visitors the freedom to explore their host country without the worry of excessive medical expenses.

How Does Visitor Insurance Work?

Visitor insurance offers invaluable benefits to international tourists, like coverage for medical expenses due to illness or injury, financial protection against unforeseen healthcare costs, and access to quality care at healthcare facilities around the world. Policy limits and deductions vary based on individual needs, making this insurance a veritable safety net for travelers.

What Are the Benefits of Having Visitor Insurance?

Considering factors like age, stay duration, coverage limits, pre-existing conditions, and the insurance policy’s deductible amount, visitor insurance coverage often ranges from $50 to $200 per month. Healthcare costs from the destination country also influence the costs. Hence, visitors need to research thoroughly, compare insurance plans, and secure coverage at a fair price using resources like

  1. Comprehensive Medical Coverage: Assures access to quality healthcare for unexpected illnesses or injuries, encompassing:
    • Hospitalization
    • Emergency treatments
    • Repatriation, if required
  2. Trip Interruption or Cancellation: Safeguards against financial setbacks from unexpected events like flight delays or cancellations.
  3. Lost Baggage or Personal Belongings Coverage: Offers peace of mind by covering the costs of lost or misplaced items during travel.

How Much Does Visitor Insurance Typically Cost?

In conclusion, when embarking on international travel, visitor insurance provides a safeguard for travelers. Whether you choose GlobalGuard, SecureVisitors, or HealthShield Assurance, each company provides a unique blend of benefits, making the task of choosing the right insurance plan a truly personal choice. So, always prioritize quality insurance to ensure a seamless and safe travel experience. Bon voyage!

How to Choose the Best Visitor Insurance?

To evaluate your insurance policy options or compare rates on travel insurance, check out Squaremouth or These platforms allow a side-by-side comparison of your money’s potential in various health plans, helping to secure maximum coverage and pricing options that suit your needs.

How Do I File a Claim With My Visitor Insurance Provider?

Filing a claim with your visitor insurance provider is a straightforward process consisting of a few simple steps. Here’s how the process usually works:

  1. Gather Necessary Documentation: Before initiating the claim process, collect all relevant paperwork. This includes:
    • Medical bills
    • Receipts
    • Other pertinent documents related to the claim
  2. Contact Your Insurance Provider: Reach out to your insurance company. You can do this by:
    • Accessing their online portal
    • Calling their dedicated claims hotline
  3. Submit the Required Information: When in contact with your provider, ensure you provide:
    • Your policy number
    • Details of the incident or medical treatment
    • All the gathered supporting documents
  4. Follow the Provider’s Guidance: Your insurance company will guide you on the next steps. This might include:
    • Submitting additional forms
    • A review by their claims department
  5. Await Feedback: Your claim will be processed, and your insurance company will get back to you. They prioritize efficiency and transparency, ensuring that claims are addressed promptly and accurately.

Just like aids in navigating state health plan enrollment, the insurance provider guides you throughout the claims process. They may require additional forms or a detailed review by their claims department, but they are committed to delivering a prompt, efficient, and transparent service.

The insurance provider will then guide you through the rest of the process, which may involve submitting additional forms or undergoing a review by their claims department. Rest assured that they are committed to providing efficient and transparent service to ensure your claim is processed promptly and accurately.

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Final Thoughts

As of 2023, the importance of reliable visitor insurance is undeniable. Providers such as GlobalGuard, SecureVisitors, and HealthShield Assurance stand out with tailored coverage, competitive pricing, and superb customer service. Just like the highly-rated health plans on, these visitor insurance companies ensure peace of mind during all your travel adventures. Quality insurance should always be a top priority for a seamless travel experience. Safe travel!

To assess potential coverage for your money in various health plans or compare rates on travel insurance, consider using resources like Squaremouth or These platforms allow you to look at rates side-by-side, thus ensuring you secure the best price.

Travel Insurance FAQ

Below, you will find some common questions about travel insurance and their answers.

What is visitor insurance?

Visitor insurance offers financial protection to travelers abroad, covering unexpected health issues or accidents. It safeguards against high medical costs, ensuring travelers can confidently explore new destinations.

What are the benefits of having visitor insurance?

Visitor insurance covers unforeseen medical emergencies, trip interruptions, and even lost baggage, ensuring peace of mind during travel.

Which companies offer the best visitor insurance plans?

In 2023, GlobalGuard, SecureVisitors, and HealthShield Assurance lead the pack for their coverage, customer service, and tailored plans.

How much does visitor insurance typically cost?

Costs range from $50-$200 monthly, influenced by factors like age, stay duration, and coverage limits. It’s crucial to research and compare for the best value.

What coverage should I look for in a visitor insurance plan?

Prioritize comprehensive medical coverage, including emergencies, pre-existing conditions, and trip interruptions. Emergency medical evacuation is also vital.

Are pre-existing conditions covered by visitor insurance?

Most visitor insurance covers pre-existing conditions, but terms vary by plan. Always review the fine print.

Can I customize my visitor insurance plan based on specific needs?

Yes, 2023’s insurance plans offer extensive customization, from coverage limits to specific medical needs and trip duration.

What is the maximum coverage limit offered by visitor insurance plans?

rage limits reach about $1 million in 2023, but specific limits vary. Always check the terms of each plan.

How do I file a claim with my visitor insurance provider?

Collect documentation, contact the provider with details, and follow their process. Most providers aim for a swift, transparent claims process.

Are there any discounts or special offers available for visitor insurance?

Many providers offer discounts, such as multi-trip rates or family packages. Always inquire and compare for the best deal.

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