Understanding Form I-765WS, Worksheet for Form I-765

Updated on March 18, 2024

When applying for employment authorization in the United States, you may be required to submit Form I-765, Application for Employment Authorization. In some cases, you may also need to complete and submit Form I-765WS, Worksheet for Form I-765. This blog post will help you understand the purpose of Form I-765WS and guide you through the process of completing it.

What is Form I-765WS?

Form I-765WS is a supplementary worksheet that must be submitted along with Form I-765 for certain eligibility categories. The worksheet is used to gather additional information about your eligibility for employment authorization and to determine if you have an economic need to work.

Who Needs to Submit Form I-765WS?

Not all applicants filing Form I-765 need to submit Form I-765WS. You must complete and submit the worksheet if you are applying for employment authorization under one of the following eligibility categories:

  • (c)(3)(iii) – F-1 student seeking off-campus employment due to severe economic hardship
  • (c)(14) – Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)
  • (c)(33) – Consideration of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)

How to Complete Form I-765WS

Form I-765WS consists of several parts that collect information about your economic need to work, your current annual income, and your current annual expenses.

  • Part 1: Provide your full name and Alien Registration Number (A-Number) if you have one.
  • Part 2: If you are applying under eligibility category (c)(3)(iii), you must explain your economic need to work. Provide a detailed explanation of your circumstances and why you need employment authorization.
  • Part 3: Enter your current annual income from all sources, including employment, scholarships, and financial support from family or friends.
  • Part 4: Enter your current annual expenses, including rent, food, transportation, utilities, and other necessary expenses.
  • Part 5: Provide your total current assets, which may include checking and savings accounts, stocks, and real estate.
  • Part 6: Sign and date the worksheet.

Submitting Form I-765WS

After completing Form I-765WS, submit it along with your completed Form I-765 and all required supporting documents to the appropriate USCIS address. This information can be found in the USCIS website or by reading our guide Where to File Your Form I-765. Failure to include Form I-765WS when required may result in a delay or denial of your application for employment authorization.

Final Thoughts

Remember, Form I-765WS is just one part of the employment authorization application process. Be sure to carefully read the instructions for Form I-765 and gather all necessary supporting documents before submitting your application.

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