From F-1 Visa for MBA to a VC at Lightspeed Ventures on H-1B

Updated on April 25, 2024

About Raviraj

  • Raviraj is from Jabalpur, India. He describes it as a city in central India, like “Nebraska” in the middle of nowhere.
  • His father is an engineer who works for the government.

Visa Journey

  • F1 -> OPT -> H-1B


  • Indian


  • 2008: Raviraj graduated from IIT Bombay with a degree in engineering physics.
  • 2013: He then went to Harvard Business School for his MBA.

Arrival in the US:

  • Raviraj first came to the US for his MBA at Harvard Business School. Prior to that, he had never been to the US before.
  • When he arrived, it was his first time in the country with no family or extended family here. The US was completely foreign to him.

First Job:

  • After graduating from Harvard, Raviraj’s first job in the US was as a Product Manager at LinkedIn.

Subsequent Jobs:

  • After LinkedIn, Raviraj worked at FunBox, an earlier stage startup, to gain more entrepreneurial experience. Fundbox had around 40-45 people when he joined.
  • He worked closely with the Israel team at FunBox, gaining experience working with a remote, distributed team.

Visa Journey:

  • F1 to OPT to H-1B
  • Has been in the US for 11 years
  • Applied for H-1B at LinkedIn and continued with visa transfer to Fundbox, then went to Lightspeed Venture Partners
  • No Green Card

Current Job:

  • Raviraj joined Lightspeed Venture Partners in 2017 where he is currently a partner. He focuses on early stage enterprise and deep tech investments.
  • He was recruited to Lightspeed by Nakul, another partner who reached out to him about the role.


  • While at IIT Bombay, Raviraj co-founded two startups – hello intern and booked my cab. Both were acquired.
  • He also worked on 4-5 other startup ideas that didn’t end up going anywhere.

Countries lived in:

  • India (where he grew up and went to undergrad)
  • USA (where he did his MBA and has worked since)


  • Raghavendra Prabhu, Raviraj’s first manager at LinkedIn, has been an important mentor, advising him on product management and leadership.
  • Nakul, the Lightspeed partner who recruited him, continues to be a mentor and sounding board as Raviraj progresses in his venture career.


  • 2006 – Co-founded hello intern startup while at IIT Bombay
  • 2006-2008 – Continued working on hello intern until it was acquired
  • 2009 – Co-founded booked my cab startup
  • Worked at a strategy consulting firm for a period after IIT
  • 2017 – Graduated from Harvard Business School and joined LinkedIn as a Product Manager
  • Worked at Fundbox as after LinkedIn as a Product Manager
  • January 2017 – Joined Lightspeed Venture Partners, where he is currently a Partner

Advice for founders and immigrants

  • Recommends doing a Masters degree and spending time in Silicon Valley/Bay Area to build skills and networks in the tech industry.
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