Complete Guide to the Matricula Card

Updated on April 10, 2024

At a Glance

  • The Matricula Consular Card is issued by the Mexican government to Mexican nationals residing outside of Mexico, mainly in the United States.
  • Serves as a means of identification for those lacking other forms, enabling access to services like banking, tax filing, and driver’s license applications.
  • Obtained through the Mexican consulate, requiring proof of Mexican nationality, identity, address, and biometric information.
  • Valid for five years, renewable, with the current cost set at $33.

The Matricula Consular Card is an important identification document for all Mexican citizens living and working in the United States of America. In this article, we will discuss everything there is to know about the Matricula Card and how you can apply for the same.

What is a Matrícula Consular Card?

The Matricula Consular Card refers to an identification card issued by the Mexican government to Mexican nationals living outside of Mexico and particularly living in America. The Matricula Card has been issued by the Mexican government for a very long time; the first consular cards can be traced back to 1871. After the 1963 Vienna Convention on consular relations, both Mexico and the United States of America have agreed to provide and recognize the legal basis of the Matricula Consular Card.

With the Matricula Consular Card, the Mexican government can keep track of Mexicans living in America, provide consular or tax services, have data on them, and provide identification when required by the US immigration officials. The card also helps keep track of Mexican nationals in any emergency like natural disasters and accidents. The card can be given to Mexican nationals living in the US, especially those who have documents of lawful residence and those categorized as undocumented immigrants. However, it is essential to note that the Matricula Card is not a guaranteed document for US immigration or citizenship.

What is a Matrícula Card Used for in the US?

This card represents an important photo identification for most Mexicans living in America, especially for those who do not have any other form of identity card on them. Many Mexicans living as undocumented immigrants do not have identification, which prevents them from accessing federal welfare schemes, employment, housing, or financial services in America.

Within the US, Mexicans can use the Matricula Consular Card as a form of identification. It is an accepted document in most states, counties and municipalities, and businesses as a form of identification. Most banks accept the Matricula Card as valid identity proof. Furthermore, the Matricula Consular Card can be used for filing federal income taxes. It can be used to get the Individual Taxpayer Identification Number. Many states also accept this as valid identity proof for the driver’s license application.

The Matricula Consular Card can be obtained and used by lawfully present and undocumented immigrant Mexicans living in America. But it is vital to note that the Matricula Consular Card does confer, guarantee, or indicate US citizenship or any other form of immigration status to the individual.

Requirements for a Matrícula Consular Card

To apply for the Matricula Card, Mexican citizens need to consult with the Mexican consulate in the United States of America. Here are the documents required for the application:

Proof of Mexican Nationality

Every applicant is required to submit evidence of their Mexican nationality with official documents. Accepted documents include the Mexican birth certificate, naturalization letter, valid Mexican passport, or a declaration of Mexican nationality by birth.

Proof Of Identity

The applicant is required to present a valid photo identity that matches up with the nationality document provided. This can include the Mexican voting credential, drivers’ license, Mexican military ID, naturalization letter, or US green card.

Evidence Of Address

Applicants need to provide proof of address in the United States. The address must include the street name, number, city, state, and the postal code

Biometric Information

During the application process, the consular officers at the Mexico consulate will collect digital photographs and fingerprints as biometric information.

How to Apply for a Matrícula Card

Once you have all your documents prepared for your consular visit, it is time for the application process. The application for the Matricula Consular Card is filled and submitted at the Mexican consulate.

During the consular visit, the officials will take a photograph and biometric records such as fingerprints. The application process is quite long, often taking a couple of hours. Therefore the applicant should take ample time off to complete the Matricula Card application. Once the application is complete, the consulate hands over the Matricula Card to the individual.

How Long Is a Matrícula Consular Card Valid?

The Matricula Consular Card is valid for five years. Once the card expires, the individual can apply for renewal at the same consular district. The applicant must go with their card, fees, and evidence of their current address.

Matrícula Consular Card Cost

The current fee for the Matricula Consular Card is $33.

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A Matricula Consular Card is important for every Mexican citizen living and working in America. It provides the cardholder with a valid photo identity that can be used in Mexico and America to avail benefits, schemes, employment, and other resources offered by the American government and society. However, the Matricula Matricula Card should not be confused with the US Green Card. The Matricula Card does not in any way, shape, or form guarantee the cardholder citizenship to the US.

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