Kforce Reviews: What Employers and Employees Need to Know

Updated on April 10, 2024

At a Glance

  • Kforce is a professional staffing and solutions firm.
  • Offers consulting services to companies and connects them with skilled professionals (Desi Contractors).
  • Operates over 50 offices, providing staffing, industry specialties, and international talent solutions.
  • Desi Contractors apply through a thorough process and are connected to suitable opportunities.

Are you looking for some extra special talent to complete that extra special project of yours? Or do you supply a specific skill set required by companies in your industry? The U.S. has some of the best experts known to man. If only companies knew how to find them!

Kforce can help you find the type of contractors you need. They also offer to connect Desi Contractors to work opportunities. Here are a few of the most popular Kforce reviews which you can use to help decide whether you will make use of their services.

What is Kforce?

Kforce is a professional staffing and solutions firm focused on impacting the lives they encounter in a meaningful way that lasts way beyond themselves. They can also be classified as a Desi Consulting Company. Kforce offers advice to their clients about how to improve their businesses and connect them to the professionals who will help their clients achieve their goals. These professionals are also known as Desi Contractors.

The company has a wealth of historical experience and knowledge to draw from since it’s been founded back in 1962. Their name stands for KnowledgeForce®. The company embraces technology as a means to find and facilitate staffing solutions in a wide variety of industries. You don’t need to read many Kforce reviews to note their award-winning customer service.

They have more than 50 offices across the U.S. and two national recruiting centers. Kforce provides opportunities to over 36,000 professionals as they serve more than 4,000 clients which makes up 70% of the Fortune 100. They promise to deliver great results as they look for strategic partnerships that engages in relevant knowledge sharing. Their tagline says it all – We Love What We Do. We Love Who We Serve®.

How Kforce Works

As some Kforce reviews note, they serve two types of groups. The first group is their clients who are companies and large corporations in need of advice. The second group consists of Desi Contractors who supply the work needed by Kforce’s clients.

We’ll look at both processes required when working with Kforce.

Kforce Clients

Kforce reviews consistently heap praise on the company. They are ranked as one of the top 5 U.S. staffing agencies. Their clients approach them for their consulting services and Kforce goes to work. They offer staffing services, industry specialties, international talent solutions, and advanced services to specifically address the unique challenges in their clients’ work environments.

They also offer many case studies and extra forms of information that can be useful when applied in your own business. Engage with their blog that offers a real thought leadership approach to the obstacles you need to conquer in your workplace, market, or industry.

Desi Contractors Recruited by Kforce

Kforce has employed teams who serve their clients in day-to-day requirements. But Desi Contractors apply at Kforce for the opportunity to help serve clients with more specific types of requirements. Kforce connects their clients to Desi Contractors who help to solve the harder and more challenging type of problems.

Just like with Desi Contractor loan applications, people need to apply at Kforce. They fill out applications detailing their expertise and exact skill sets. They go through various application processes in which Kforce gets to know their capabilities. Kforce then connects the Desi Contractors to the types of opportunities suited to their skills. Just note, being affiliated with Kforce as a Desi Contractor is not a guarantee to year-round employment. They will only offer opportunities suited to your expertise.

Kforce Reviews

You can learn a lot about a company based on what other people say about it. Look at the opinions of people who are either employees or clients and look for the golden thread that runs through most of the entries. Here are a few Kforce reviews found on some of the more popular review websites. Let’s have a look.

Kforce Reviews from Glassdoor

Glassdoor is an online platform that strives to provide transparency about the companies reviewed on their website. They also offer a salary comparison tool and job listings for those in search of employment. Both employers and possible employees use the website as a type of marketplace for jobs.

There are over 1,200 Kforce reviews on Glassdoor. The top pros include positive remarks about the wonderful people working at Kforce. The few cons include expected things like long hours usually associated with production roles in any type of company. 81% of the reviewers on Glassdoor say they will recommend Kforce to a friend.

Kforce Reviews from Indeed.com

Indeed.com allows a quick snapshot into the workings and culture of the companies reviewed on their website. They have services that connect people seeking employment in specific fields with the employers and job opportunities tailor-made to their expertise.

Indeed.com lists Kforce reviews of over 1,600 in total. The average Kforce review rating is 3.8 out of a possible 5 stars. The following pros are the top reasons to work for Kforce according to the reviews.

  • Work-life balance
  • Pay and benefits
  • Job security and advancement
  • Management
  • Culture

They also have an extra metric that measures the work satisfaction of women. 67% of female reviewers claim they have been treated fairly by Kforce equally to men. 67% of their female reviewers also said they would recommend Kforce to a woman.

Kforce Reviews from Kununu

Kununu gives more insight into the workplaces of the companies reviewed on their platform. They hold a total of reviews of more than 3,5 million of 905,568 different employers. They invite employees and applicants to review the companies they have been involved with.

71 employees and 3 applicants have placed their Kforce reviews on Kununu. Employees have given Kforce a 3.20 rating out of 5 and 54% of people say they will recommend the company to someone else. They list company culture, support from management, teamwork, and the freedom to work independently as the top pros when working for Kforce.

Kforce Reviews from CareerBliss

CareerBliss offers an online marketplace for jobs. They have all kinds of useful comparison tools to get more insight into things like market competitive salaries for the different jobs available in the U.S. They also compile a yearly Top 50 Happiest Companies list to track and rate the most work-friendly jobs in the country.

There are more than 170 Kforce reviews on CareerBliss. Kforce has an average rating of 4 out of 5 on CareerBliss. Employees list company culture, the wonderful people, company benefits, and the way you work as the top pros when working for Kforce.


Are you an employer looking for great talent? Or are you looking for employment in your field of expertise? Kforce offers to help connect you to your need. They are one of the U.S. top 5 staffing agencies with a wealth of knowledge stretching as far back as 1962 (their founding year). They won’t help you with loans for independent contractors, but they may supply you with a job opportunity.

Read the Kforce reviews supplied here and note the many pros to working for and with them. Make contact with them today and ask how they can help you find solutions to your work or employment-related challenges.

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