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Updated on April 10, 2024

At a Glance

  • The Indian Consulate General in New York serves several states, including New York, and is located at 3 East 64th Street, Suite 7002, New York, NY 10065.
  • Services provided include assistance with various visas such as tourist, medical, business, student, and employment visas.
  • The consulate also handles passport services, OCI applications, renunciation of Indian citizenship, and emergency travel documents.
  • Contact the consulate at (347) 721-9243 during regular hours of operation, Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM.

An Indian Embassy can help you in many ways if you’re an Indian citizen. If you’re in New York and need a passport renewal, then you may think of going to the closest embassy as soon as you can. Is there any Indian embassy New York address that you can go to, though? You will find out here.

Is There an Indian Embassy in New York?

In New York, you have access to the Indian Consulate. The Consulate General of India serves several states, and one of them is New York. If you have any business that needs the help of an Indian embassy, then this institution is there for you in New York.

The Indian Consulate has jurisdiction in Maine, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Vermont, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and New York.

Where Is the New York Indian Embassy Located?

The New York Indian Consulate can be found on the Consular Section, 3 East 64th Street, Suite 7002, New York, NY 10065. This is the address where the consulate is located and you can go there whenever you need one of their services.

What Services Does the New York Indian Embassy Offer?

The New York Indian Embassy offers various services. The most common ones are related to visas or passports, but there are different others that you may need.

Visa Services

Do you need a visa as an Indian citizen? If that’s the case, the consulate can give you what you need. What makes it even better is that the New York Indian Embassy offers different types of visas, so you will surely find the one you need.

You can get a:

  • Tourist visa – This visa is great when you are looking for a short-term trip, either for visiting loved ones or to visit certain locations. It also works for short medical treatments that could include Indian medicine system treatment or yoga program.
  • Medical visa – You can get this if you need any type of medical treatment in a proper, specialized hospital in India.
  • Emergency visa – This is ideal for emergencies, such as a relative with a U.S. passport being seriously ill or dying. It also works if you have some urgent things to deal with yourself.
  • Entry visa – The entry visa is available for people who either have Indian origin or they are children or a spouse of an Indian citizen or OCI cardholder. It’s also something to consider if you are planning to attend some cultural activities or events for a short time without remuneration.
  • Mountaineering visa – If you wish to take a mountaineering expedition to India, you can consider this visa.
  • Conference visa – This visa is for people who have to attend business meetings or for those who must attend international conferences for workshops or seminars.
  • Missionary visa – Missionary visas are given to people who want to do missionary work in an approved organization.
  • Business visa – Business visas serve several purposes, and they are, as you can probably tell, meant for business activities or to establish an industrial or business venture.
  • Transit visa – If someone wants to travel to a destination outside India but go through India, then a Transit visa can be issued.
  • Student visa – These visas are for students in Indian educational institutions or people who want to study Vedic or Yoga culture, as well as dance or music Indian systems. Buddhist studies are included as well.
  • Employment visa – Obviously, these visas are meant for all situations involving employment.
  • Visa for Diplomatic/official/ Laissez-Passers Passport Holder
  • Visa for individuals working in designated U.S. Agencies or any areas in technology

Other types of visas that the Indian New York Consulate can offer include an E-Visa, visa for Pakistani Passport Holders, Film Visa and Journalist Visa.


As an Indian citizen, if you wish to depart from India, you will need a proper passport. If you’re in the United States and need this valid document, then you can go to one of the consular centers. More specifically, if you’re in New York, the consulate in New York will help you do this.

One of the passport services offered by the Indian New York consulate is the TATKAAL passport service. Under this, if you are someone who resides in the CGI, New York Jurisdiction and you have a valid visa status and passport, you can apply for re-issue of your passport. This will happen under the Tatkaal Passport Scheme.

OCI Services

An OCI, or overseas citizenship of India, can be applied for through the New York Indian consulate. In order to apply for one, you will need to show evidence that your Indian passport was canceled. Otherwise, you’ll have to get a Renunciation Certificate that comes with extra penalties and fees.

Indian Citizenship Renunciation

Another thing you can get from the New York Indian consulate is renunciation or surrendering of your Indian Citizenship. The Indian Citizenship Act doesn’t provide dual citizenship. So, you have to renounce your last Indian passport to the Consulate as soon as possible. Foreign nationals should not have Indian passports under the Passports Act and Citizenship act for foreign nationality.

Also, if you lost or misplaced your Indian passport, you can get a Renunciation Declaration Certificate and submit it for a Visa or OCI application.

Emergency Travel Document

If you need a travel document, you can go to the New York Indian Consulate and ask for an emergency travel document. It works in case U.S. authorities ordered your deportation and you own no travel document to go to India at the moment. You can also request one when your Indian passport has expired and you need a legal visa status in order to remain in the U.S. If your passport was stolen, damaged, misplaced, or lost, you can get this document as well.

What Is the Phone Number for the Indian Embassy in New York?

If you wish to contact the Indian Consulate in New York, you can call them on their phone number. Their number is (347) 721-9243. If you have a more urgent situation instead, then you can use their emergency phone number, respectively (917) 815-7066.

What Are the Operating Hours of the Indian Embassy in New York?

The Indian Consulate in New York is open from Monday to Friday. The working hours are from 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM. The only exception is during public holidays when the program will be different.

Submitting documents can be done between 9:15 AM and 11:15 AM, and delivery of documents happens between 11:30 AM and 1:00 PM.

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You can go to the Indian Consulate in New York if you have any needs related to visa or passport issuance or replacement, but also if you want to apply for OCI. The institution can be contacted by phone, and you can go to the consulate between certain hours if you need to submit or pick up documents. Make sure that you have all the necessary paperwork before applying for any service, though.

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