How to Track Your USCIS Case Status Online & Know If You Were Approved

Updated on April 10, 2024

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Checking your case status online is relatively simple, if a bit tedious, especially if your case is open for months or even years. Below are step-by-step instructions for checking your status as well as information on who can check their status on the USCIS website.

Steps to Check Your USCIS Case Status

The process for checking your USCIS case status online is fairly straightforward. Below, you can see a step-by-step walkthrough of the process.

Access the USCIS Case Status Portal:

Enter Your Receipt Number:

  • To fetch the status, your case receipt number is crucial. This unique 13-character identifier, provided by USCIS for every application or petition they process, is pivotal for them to identify and track cases.
  • This receipt number, like EAC, WAC, LIN, SRC, NBC, MSC, or IOE followed by ten numbers, can be found on any notices of action that the USCIS might’ve dispatched to you.
  • While entering, ensure you omit dashes (“-”), but incorporate all other characters, even asterisks (“*”), if they’re part of the receipt number on your notice.

View Your Case Status:

  • Once entered, the system will present the latest action on your case.
  • It also provides insights, guidelines for any subsequent steps, and imperative reminders to keep all your details, like your address, current.

Checking Additional Cases:

  • For checking multiple cases, simply enter the new receipt number in the designated section.
  • For a more tailored experience and up-to-date details, consider creating an account on This free, user-centric platform offers real-time updates on your case, access to your e-filed applications, and much more.

For any lingering queries or further clarity, is always there to guide you. Alternatively, the USCIS Contact Center at 1-800-375-5283 is available to assist. Remember, while the immigration journey might seem challenging, with the right resources, it becomes significantly more manageable!

myUSCIS Explained

myUSCIS stands as the official portal of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). It’s designed to offer individuals comprehensive access to their immigration case details, including forms and applications. This platform simplifies the immigration process by allowing users to:

  • Track essential immigration documents and milestones.
  • Receive timely notifications regarding crucial case events, be it interviews or biometrics appointments.
  • Understand their rights and obligations during their immigration journey.
  • Set up a dedicated personal account to archive vital case-related documents, arrange for document translations, and manage payment details for associated filing fees.

By consolidating all immigration-related information under one digital roof, myUSCIS ensures a seamless and organized experience for applicants. Beyond individual case details, the platform also serves as a reservoir of information on USCIS services, local field office whereabouts, and various customer service avenues. It’s a must-have tool for all visa applicants, enabling them to remain updated and ensuring their immigration pathway progresses smoothly.

For a comprehensive overview or to initiate your personal myUSCIS account, swing by the myUSCIS official page.

How to Find Your Receipt Number

Before you embark on tracking your USCIS case status online, it’s pivotal to have your 13-digit receipt number handy. Also known as a case number, the USCIS receipt number is a unique code, comprising three alphabets followed by ten digits.

The three initial alphabets are indicative of the USCIS service center currently overseeing your immigration matter:

  • WAC: Your case is in the hands of the California Service Center.
  • LIN: The Nebraska Service Center is processing your application.
  • SRC: Look to the Texas Service Center for updates.
  • EAC: The Vermont Service Center is handling your documentation.
  • MSC or NBC: The National Benefits Center is your point of reference.
  • IOE: In case USCIS is evaluating your application online.

When you forward an immigration application or petition to the USCIS, they reciprocate by dispatching a receipt notice, confirming the receipt of your materials. Embedded in this notice is your exclusive receipt or case number. Stay vigilant for this notice, which will be delivered via standard mail once your application is submitted. A key reminder: if you happen to relocate, promptly inform USCIS of your new address. This ensures uninterrupted communication and timely receipt of all correspondences.

Alternate Methods for Checking Your USCIS Case Status

If you’d like to check your case status offline, there are several inquiry options available to you, including email, telephone, direct mail, or in-person at your local processing center. Note that these methods of inquiry can, in some instances, have long wait times to get a status update.

USCIS Case Status by Email

Another option for checking your USCIS case status is by inquiring via email. USCIS processing centers have unique email addresses. Check the list below for the contact information for your processing center:

How to Check Your USCIS Case Status by Phone

While USCIS advises applicants to first attempt an online status check, if online resources don’t suffice, you can reach out to them via phone. Be prepared for potentially lengthy wait times at the USCIS Contact Center. The contact numbers are as follows:

  • 1-800-375-5283 for domestic inquiries
  • 212-620-3418 for international calls
  • 1-800-767-1833 tailored for those who are deaf, hard of hearing, or have speech impairments

When you call, have your USCIS receipt number ready, along with your full name, date of birth, and Alien Registration Number (often referred to as the A-Number), if applicable.

How to Check Your USCIS Case Status by Mail

While it’s feasible to check your USCIS case status through mail, note that this method is considerably slower. If choosing this method, direct your inquiry letter to the USCIS field office that’s handling your case. Ensure your letter contains:

  • Your complete name
  • Date of birth
  • Alien Registration Number (A-Number), if you possess one
  • The date you filed your application
  • Your specific receipt number

For efficiency, consider attaching a photocopy of the receipt notice bearing your receipt number. Once dispatched, monitor your mail for any replies from USCIS. And remember, if your address changes, promptly update it with USCIS to ensure consistent communication.

How to Check Your USCIS Case Status by in Person

Scheduling an in-person appointment is typically reserved for situations where online, phone, or email methods prove ineffective. For instance:

  • If you’ve applied for citizenship and require evidence of your immigration status or assistance accessing specific immigration benefits.
  • If you are in dire need of emergency travel documents.

Appointments can be made regardless of whether you are currently in the U.S. or not. To schedule an appointment, visit the USCIS appointment scheduling page. You can also contact the USCIS Contact Center at 1-800-375-5283. For those requiring special arrangements, use 1-800-767-1833.

What Are the Different USCIS Case Statuses?

There are a number of USCIS case statuses that you can track. Below is break down of the different case statuses by stage of the immigration process:

1. Initial Case Processing

  • My Case Accepted By The USCIS Lockbox
  • My Fingerprint Fee Was Received

2. Biometrics and Fingerprints

3. Additional Evidence & Review

  • My Request for Additional Evidence Was Sent
  • My Request for Additional Evidence Was Received
  • My Case is Being Actively Reviewed
  • My Case Was Submitted For Quality Review Based On An Approval Recommendation

4. Interview Scheduling & Completion

5. Case Status & Updates

  • My Case Was Approved
  • My Case Is On Hold
  • My Case Was Sent To The Department of State

6. Documentation & Mailing

Who Can Check Their USCIS Case Status

If you have submitted a visa application, extension, transfer or a green card application to USCIS, you will be able to check your USCIS case status online. USCIS also offers case status tracking for:

  • Form I-140
  • Form I-485
  • Form I-765
  • Adjustment of Status (AoS)
  • Advance Parole
  • Employment Authorization Documents (EAD)
  • Citizenship

The types of applications you can check in the USCIS website include:

  • H1-B Applications
  • Green Card Applications

Who Cannot Check Their USCIS Case Status Online?

A case status cannot be checked without a Receipt Number, also known as a Case Number. Your Receipt Number is a 13-digit number that begins with three letters, such as WAC or EAC. The Receipt Number is generated when a new Receipt Notice is created. Any Notice without a Receipt Number cannot be looked up on the USCIS website.

USCIS Case Status Processing Time

USCIS case processing times depend on the form that has been submitted and may vary in length from months to years. USCIS offers typical processing times for each type of application on their website.

To check the processing time for a specific form, you need to know:

  • Petition/Form type
  • Processing center
  • Classification or basis of filing

For a full list of all the classifications and visa types, visit the USCIS Processing Time Information page.

Sign Up for Automated Case Status Updates

Checking your case status repeatedly over the course of months or even years can be tedious. But getting updates on your case status doesn’t have to be. Complete the form below to receive free automated USCIS case status updates.

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USCIS Case Status FAQ

What is the USCIS receipt number?

A Receipt Number is a 13-character code that is used to identify and track applications and petitions for immigration benefits. It can be found on the I-797, Notice of Action

How do I find my receipt numbers?

Every time you file certain forms with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), you’re assigned a distinct 13-character receipt number. Look for this number on your Form I-797 (Notice of Action) – it’s the document USCIS sends after registering any application or petition from you. Additionally, this number is prominently displayed atop your receipt during fee payments or biometrics appointments. If you’ve created a USCIS online account, simply log in to access all your form details, inclusive of the receipt number. Still can’t locate it? The USCIS Contact Center stands ready to assist.

Can I check my USCIS Case Status without a Receipt?

No, you cannot check your case status without a Receipt. If you do not have a Receipt, the status you are looking for will not be found online.

What visa types can you check your status online for?

Various visa types, ranging from green cards and family-based visas to employment-based and other temporary nonimmigrant visas, allow for online status checks.

Are there other ways to check my case status besides online?

While online checks are handy, you’re not restricted to them. You can also receive visa status updates through email, regular mail, in-person consultations, or phone calls.

Can I Reach Out to USCIS Directly?

If you need deeper insights or have specific queries about your case status, the USCIS Contact Center is your go-to resource. They’re equipped to address all your concerns, clarify the verdict on your application or petition, and guide you on how to get your hands on the decision notice.

When will my USCIS case status be approved?

Different cases and forms take different amounts of time to process. A case can be processed in a few months or after more than a year, depending on the case. To look up the current processing time for a particular form, use the USCIS Check Case Processing Times page.

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