What does “Card was Mailed to Me” EAD Status Mean?

Updated on April 11, 2024

At a Glance

  • EAD status “Card was Mailed to Me” indicates approval, and your Employment Authorization Document is on its way.
  • Your EAD card will be sent to the address provided during the application process via USPS.
  • Expect to receive the EAD card within approximately 7-10 days after the status update.
  • Ensure someone is available to receive the mail at your designated address.

It’s natural for applicants to feel anxious about their EAD (Employment Authorization Document) cards. When the status reads “Card was mailed to me,” it’s good news, and your card will arrive shortly. But what does it mean and how can you track your application status and understand the different statuses? Let’s find out!

What Does “Card Was Mailed to Me” Status Mean?

The most exciting EAD status is “Card was mailed to me.” When you see this status, it means your card is on its way, so stay alert, have someone at your address for delivery, and note that USCIS no longer has the document.

Understanding Different EAD Processing Statuses

“Card Was Mailed to Me” is just one of a handful of statuses you might see when tracking your case. When applying for an EAD, you’ll naturally want to keep track of its status from application to delivery. The online tracking system provides several updates along the way.

“We received your Form I-765, Application for Employment Authorization”

This initial status confirms that your Form I-765 application has been received and will be processed soon. However, it doesn’t guarantee approval.

“We approved your Form I-765, Application for Employment Authorization”

This status indicates USCIS’s approval of your application (I-765), signifying that it has passed initial processing stages, and your new EAD card will be produced shortly.

“A new card is being produced”

At this stage, your EAD application has been approved, and your card is in the printing process. This suggests that you’ll receive it soon.

“We mailed your new card to the address you gave us”

This is one of the final updates, indicating that your card has been dispatched to your provided address. You can use the USPS tracking number for further updates.

How Long Will it Take for Your EAD Card to Arrive?

Normally, it takes your EAD card 2-6 months to process and arrive, but often less. On average, it takes 1.5-2 months for the status to change from ‘received’ to ‘New card is being produced’ during the approval process. Within 7 working days, the status should change to ‘Card was mailed to me,’ and it takes about 7-10 days for delivery after that.

Delays in EAD Card Delivery

Typically, the entire process of receiving your EAD card takes around 2-67 months from start to delivery at your address. However, several factors can lead to delays in the process. These delays may occur if there are issues with verifying your information, if there’s a natural disaster affecting mail delivery, or if the postal service encounters difficulties locating your address. Therefore, it’s crucial to provide accurate information during the application process and promptly update any changes to ensure a smooth delivery.

Now that you’re familiar with tracking your EAD card delivery status, let’s explore important considerations for the application process.

Tracking Your EAD Status

You can easily track your EAD card’s status online. Here’s how:

1. Sign Up for Case Status Updates

Visit the USCIS website and create an online account. Once registered, you’ll receive updates on all your requests, including your EAD application. You’ll also receive a USPS tracking number when your EAD card is mailed to you, which you can use to track your card’s delivery.

2. Use USPS Informed Delivery

After your EAD card is en route via USPS, sign up for their Informed Delivery service using the USPS tracking number. Informed Delivery provides digital previews of your mail and allows you to manage package deliveries online. You can also access grayscale images of your mail items.

Things to Consider

Here are some considerations for a smooth EAD card delivery:

  • If your EAD card status shows “delivered” but you haven’t received it, contact your local postal service office immediately to resolve any address discrepancies.
  • If your address changes after applying, update it promptly to avoid delivery issues or card loss.
  • If you’re not always present to receive mail, consider designating a special agent to collect parcels on your behalf by completing a USPS Standing Delivery Order.
  • USPS’s Signature Confirmation Restricted Delivery can prevent delivery errors by requiring the recipient to provide valid identification when receiving mail.

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Final Thoughts

With the updated online tracking system, you can stay apprised of all the status updates for your EAD application. All it takes is an account on the USCIS website to track the card. It takes about 2-6 months for the card to reach y

“Card Was Mailed to Me” EAD Status FAQ

Below are some common questions about EAD statuses and their answers.

How can I track a mailed EAD card?

You can track your EAD card by signing up for case status updates on the USCIS website. Once your card is mailed, you’ll receive a USPS tracking number to monitor its delivery.

How long does the “Card is being produced” status take?

On average, it takes about 1.5 to 2 months for your EAD card’s status to change from ‘received’ to ‘New card is being produced’ during the approval process.

How long does it take for a card approved status to be mailed?

Within approximately 7 working days of approval, your EAD status should change to ‘Card was mailed to me.’ After that, it typically takes 7-10 days for the card to be delivered.

What happens after the status says “Card was mailed to me”?

After the ‘Card was mailed to me’ status, you should receive your EAD card at your provided address within 7-10 days. Ensure you have someone available to collect the mail.

Why do EAD and green cards take so long to arrive?

The processing time for cards can vary due to factors like application volume and USCIS processing times. Delays may occur, but USCIS works to process cases as efficiently as possible.

How long does it take to receive mail from USCIS?

The time it takes to receive mail from USCIS can vary depending on the specific document and processing times. Refer to your case status updates for estimated delivery times.

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