Best Paying Real Estate Jobs

Updated on February 20, 2024

The real estate industry is a vast and dynamic field offering a plethora of career opportunities that cater to a variety of skills and interests. From hands-on property management to the complexities of legal advisory, each role plays a pivotal part in the property market’s ecosystem. This blog delves into the top ten best-paying jobs within the real estate sector, highlighting the job title, average salary, job description, primary responsibilities, and required education for each position, where applicable.

House Flipper

  • Average Salary: Varies significantly; potential to earn $224,000 yearly with successful flips.
  • Job Description: Involves purchasing real estate below market value, renovating it, and selling it for a profit.
  • Responsibilities: Identifying potential properties, conducting market analysis, managing renovations, and executing sales strategies.
  • Required Education: No formal education required, but knowledge in real estate, construction, and finance is beneficial.

Home Inspector

  • Average Salary: Up to $245,771 annually.
  • Job Description: Examines properties for structural issues and potential problems before transactions.
  • Responsibilities: Conducting detailed inspections, preparing reports, and advising on necessary repairs.
  • Required Education: Certification and training in home inspection; varies by state.

Real Estate Agent

  • Average Salary: Around $96,514 annually.
  • Job Description: Facilitates buying, selling, and renting of properties.
  • Responsibilities: Listing properties, conducting showings, negotiating deals, and managing transaction paperwork.
  • Required Education: Real estate license which requires pre-licensing courses and passing a state exam.


  • Average Salary: Approximately $97,037 annually.
  • Job Description: Similar to real estate agents but are members of the National Association of Realtors and adhere to its code of ethics.
  • Responsibilities: Same as real estate agents with an added emphasis on ethical practice.
  • Required Education: Real estate license and membership with the National Association of Realtors.

Real Estate Broker Associate

  • Average Salary: $86,831 on average, with potential up to $179,325.
  • Job Description: Works under a broker to assist in buying, selling, and renting properties.
  • Responsibilities: Client service, property listing, market analysis, and transaction management.
  • Required Education: Real estate broker’s license, which requires additional education and experience beyond the agent level.

Real Estate Attorney

  • Average Salary: Around $99,321 to $172,488 annually.
  • Job Description: Specializes in legal aspects of real estate transactions.
  • Responsibilities: Preparing and reviewing contracts, advising clients, and ensuring legal compliance.
  • Required Education: Juris Doctor (JD) degree and a state bar license.

New Home Sales Consultant

  • Average Salary: $76,056 annually, plus potential commissions.
  • Job Description: Represents developers, selling new homes to buyers.
  • Responsibilities: Presenting model homes, discussing customization options, and managing purchase agreements.
  • Required Education: Varies; sales experience and knowledge of the real estate market are crucial.

Investment Consultant

  • Average Salary: $76,009 annually.
  • Job Description: Advises on real estate investments and portfolio management.
  • Responsibilities: Market research, financial analysis, and strategy development.
  • Required Education: Not always required but finance or real estate background is beneficial.

Commercial Real Estate Broker

  • Average Salary: $79,590 annually, with high variability based on commissions.
  • Job Description: Specializes in commercial properties, assisting clients in buying, selling, or leasing spaces.
  • Responsibilities: Market analysis, property listing, client representation, and deal negotiation.
  • Required Education: Real estate license with a focus on commercial transactions.

Property Manager

  • Average Salary: $70,030 annually.
  • Job Description: Oversees the daily operations of residential or commercial properties.
  • Responsibilities: Tenant relations, property maintenance, and financial management.
  • Required Education: Varies; often requires a real estate license and experience in property management.

Final Thoughts

The real estate sector offers diverse pathways to lucrative careers for individuals with various skill sets, from those with a knack for negotiation and sales to experts in legal and financial advisory. The key to success in these roles lies not only in the required educational background but also in one’s dedication to ongoing learning and adaptation to market trends. Whether you’re drawn to the thrill of closing a deal or the meticulous work of property inspection, the real estate industry has a place for you.


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