Best Paying Jobs in Sims 4

Updated on February 16, 2024

The Sims 4 offers a diverse range of career paths, each with its unique challenges and rewards. Here’s a look at the top ten best-paying jobs in the game, helping your Sims to amass wealth and live their dream life.

Military (Covert Operator & Operator) – Stranger Ville

  • Average Weekly Pay: $16,880
  • Description: A career in the military within the StrangerVille DLC offers lucrative pay.
  • Responsibilities: Engage in covert operations or opt for a more direct approach in the military.
  • Required Education: Not applicable.

Gardener (Botanist) – Seasons

  • Average Weekly Pay: $14,700
  • Description: Embrace nature and become a PhD of Pollen with the Gardener career.
  • Responsibilities: Cultivate plants and contribute to scientific research in botany.
  • Required Education: Not applicable.

Civil Designer (Civic Planner) – Eco Lifestyle

  • Average Weekly Pay: $14,000
  • Description: Make a significant environmental impact as a Civic Planner.
  • Responsibilities: Implement eco-friendly initiatives and improve the neighborhood’s carbon footprint.
  • Required Education: Not applicable.

Astronaut (Interstellar Smuggler)

  • Average Weekly Pay: $14,868
  • Description: Explore the cosmos and engage in interstellar smuggling.
  • Responsibilities: Undertake daring space missions and trade valuable goods across the galaxy.
  • Required Education: Not applicable.

Style Influencer

  • Average Weekly Pay: $13,530
  • Description: Influence fashion trends and make a statement in the fashion industry.
  • Responsibilities: Create and promote new styles, impacting Sims’ fashion choices.
  • Required Education: Not applicable.

Social Media (Public Relations) – City Living

  • Average Weekly Pay: $12,684
  • Description: Master the art of public relations within the bustling city life.
  • Responsibilities: Manage social media campaigns and maintain a positive public image.
  • Required Education: Not applicable.

Law (Private Attorney) – Discover University

  • Average Weekly Pay: $12,600
  • Description: Uphold justice and represent clients in the court of law.
  • Responsibilities: Provide legal counsel and navigate complex legal matters.
  • Required Education: Not applicable.

Doctor – Get To Work

  • Average Weekly Pay: $11,200
  • Description: Save lives and provide medical care as a dedicated doctor.
  • Responsibilities: Diagnose illnesses, perform surgeries, and ensure the well-being of patients.
  • Required Education: Not applicable.

Scientist – Get To Work

  • Average Weekly Pay: $11,115
  • Description: Push the boundaries of science and make groundbreaking discoveries.
  • Responsibilities: Conduct experiments, invent new technologies, and explore the unknown.
  • Required Education: Not applicable.

Secret Agent (Villain)

  • Average Weekly Pay: $10,300
  • Description: Embrace the darker side of espionage as a villainous secret agent.
  • Responsibilities: Undertake secret missions, gather intelligence, and outsmart adversaries.
  • Required Education: Not applicable.

Final Thoughts

Whether your Sims aspire to explore space, influence fashion trends, or uphold the law, the Sims 4 offers a variety of high-paying careers to suit different interests and lifestyles. Remember, achieving success in these careers requires dedication, skill development, and sometimes a bit of mischief.

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