Best Jobs for Disabled People

Updated on April 4, 2024

Finding a fulfilling and suitable job is a challenge that many disabled individuals face. However, numerous opportunities cater to different abilities, ensuring that everyone has the chance to engage in meaningful work. This blog explores the top jobs for disabled people, focusing on various sectors such as creative fields, IT, healthcare, and education. Each job listed here is chosen based on its accessibility, average salary, and the level of required education, providing a comprehensive overview for job seekers with disabilities.

School Counselor

  • Average Salary: $50,615
  • Job Description: School counselors play a pivotal role in the educational system, offering guidance and support to students through their academic and personal challenges.
  • Responsibilities: Their duties include individual and group counseling, career planning, and collaboration with teachers and parents to support student success.
  • Required Education: Typically, a Master’s degree in School Counseling or a related field is required, along with state-specific certification.


  • Average Salary: $77,182 for a general engineer
  • Job Description: Engineers apply principles of science and mathematics to develop solutions for technical problems.
  • Responsibilities: Their work varies significantly by specialty but generally includes designing, testing, and supervising the production of equipment or systems.
  • Required Education: A bachelor’s degree in an engineering field is essential, and specific disciplines may require further specialization or certification.

IT Professional

  • Average Salary: $83,000
  • Job Description: IT professionals manage computer-based information systems, including software applications, hardware, and networks.
  • Responsibilities: Duties range from system analysis and design to software development, maintenance, and support.
  • Required Education: A bachelor’s degree in information technology, computer science, or related fields is commonly required.


  • Average Salary: $77,000
  • Job Description: Accountants prepare and examine financial records, ensuring their accuracy and that taxes are paid properly and on time.
  • Responsibilities: They assess financial operations and work to help ensure that organizations run efficiently.
  • Required Education: A bachelor’s degree in accounting or a related field is required, and certification, such as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), is beneficial.

Web Designer

  • Average Salary: $65,000
  • Job Description: Web designers create the layout and visual elements of websites.
  • Responsibilities: They focus on user experience, making websites both aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate.
  • Required Education: Often requires a bachelor’s degree in web design or a related field, although self-taught skills and experience can also be valuable.


  • Average Salary: $56,000
  • Job Description: Tutors provide personalized academic support to students outside of the traditional classroom setting.
  • Responsibilities: They help students understand subjects, prepare for exams, and improve academic skills.
  • Required Education: A bachelor’s degree in the subject area being tutored or in education is common, but not always required, especially for private tutoring.


  • Average Salary: $56,000
  • Job Description: Paralegals assist lawyers by conducting legal research, maintaining and organizing files, and drafting documents.
  • Responsibilities: Their work supports lawyers in preparing for trials, hearings, and meetings.
  • Required Education: Paralegals typically need an associate degree in paralegal studies, or a bachelor’s degree in another field plus a certificate in paralegal studies.

Data Entry Specialist

  • Average Salary: $33,490
  • Job Description: Data entry specialists input information into databases, and their role is crucial for maintaining accurate records.
  • Responsibilities: They ensure the smooth and efficient processing of large amounts of information.
  • Required Education: Generally requires a high school diploma, with further training provided on the job.

Social Media Manager

  • Average Salary: $51,222
  • Job Description: Social media managers oversee an organization’s interactions with the public through various online platforms.
  • Responsibilities: They create content, manage posts, and respond to followers.
  • Required Education: Often requires a bachelor’s degree in marketing, communications, or a related field, though significant experience and a strong portfolio can sometimes substitute formal education.

Massage Therapist

  • Average Salary: $42,820
  • Job Description: Massage therapists treat clients by using touch to manipulate the muscles and other soft tissues of the body.
  • Responsibilities: With their touch, therapists relieve pain, help heal injuries, improve circulation, relieve stress, increase relaxation, and aid in the general wellness of clients.
  • Required Education: A postsecondary level program in massage therapy and licensing are required.

Final Thoughts

The landscape of employment for disabled individuals is rich with diverse opportunities across various fields. From creative and technical roles to those providing direct support to others, there’s a career path that aligns with almost every interest and skill set. It’s essential for employers and society as a whole to recognize and harness the unique perspectives and talents that disabled individuals bring to the workforce. With the right accommodations and support, there’s no limit to what can be achieved.


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