Best Jobs for Adults with Slow Processing Speed

Updated on March 14, 2024

Adults with slow processing speed may find fast-paced jobs challenging. However, numerous occupations not only accommodate but also thrive on the strengths inherent in those with slower processing speeds, such as attention to detail, analytical skills, and methodical problem-solving.

Interior Designer

  • Average Salary: $51,000
  • Job Description: Interior designers ensure indoor spaces are safe, functional, and visually appealing, often without time constraints, allowing for a focus on quality and creativity.
  • Responsibilities: Designing aesthetically pleasing and functional spaces, selecting furniture, colors, and fixtures, and coordinating with contractors and clients.
  • Required Education: Bachelor’s degree in interior design or related field, along with licensure in some states​​.


  • Average Salary: $52,000
  • Job Description: Craftspeople use tools and machinery to create or repair items like furniture, often with the flexibility to work at their own pace and specialize in a particular craft.
  • Responsibilities: Designing, building, or repairing items with attention to detail and craftsmanship.
  • Required Education: Varies; apprenticeships or vocational training in specific craft areas​​.

Mental Health Therapist

  • Average Salary: $53,000
  • Job Description: Mental health therapists provide support and counseling to clients at the client’s pace, focusing on understanding and empathizing rather than speed.
  • Responsibilities: Conducting therapy sessions, developing treatment plans, and providing emotional support.
  • Required Education: Master’s degree in psychology, social work, or related field, and state licensure​​.


  • Average Salary: $61,000
  • Job Description: Dietitians work with clients to develop personalized nutrition plans, requiring careful assessment and detailed planning rather than quick decision-making.
  • Responsibilities: Assessing clients’ dietary needs, developing nutrition plans, and monitoring progress.
  • Required Education: Bachelor’s degree in dietetics or nutrition, completion of an accredited internship, and passing a national exam​​.

Software Developer

  • Average Salary: $106,000
  • Job Description: Software developers design and develop software systems, requiring meticulous attention to detail and a methodical approach to ensure functionality and reliability.
  • Responsibilities: Writing and testing code, developing software solutions, and troubleshooting software issues.
  • Required Education: Bachelor’s degree in computer science or related field​​.

Solar Energy System Engineer

  • Average Salary: $107,000
  • Job Description: Solar energy system engineers design and oversee the installation of solar energy systems, focusing on precision and safety rather than speed.
  • Responsibilities: Designing solar energy systems, ensuring system efficiency and safety, and overseeing installation processes.
  • Required Education: Bachelor’s degree in engineering, preferably with a focus on solar energy or renewable energy technologies​​.

Final Thoughts

Choosing a career that aligns with one’s processing speed and strengths can lead to a fulfilling and successful professional life. Jobs that value quality, detail, and analytical skills over speed can provide a supportive environment for adults with slow processing speed, allowing them to excel and contribute meaningfully to their fields.

Other Jobs in Demographic-Specific Opportunities


Interior Designer, Craftsperson, Mental Health Therapist, Dietitian, Software Developer, Solar Energy System Engineer. Average Salaries:​.

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