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A loan designed to help you build credit in the U.S.

No SSN. No Problem.

If you’re new to the U.S. and don’t have an SSN yet, you are still eligible to apply.

No Cosigner Required.

We make decisions based only on your merit and we never ask for a cosigner.

Use for Anything.

Your credit builder loan can be used for text books, a cell phone plan, a car, and more!

Build Credit.

Start building U.S. credit today and get easier access to rentals, other lines of credit, and more!

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What We Look For

We believe you are more than your credit score. We look at all indications of financial responsibility.

    • Education

    • Financial Behavior

    • Current employment or employability

    • Soft Credit Check (for applicants with credit history)

    • Defaults, Collections, or Bankruptcies

“Stilt was so helpful and online chat was very responsive

This outstanding speed of application processing made the money fall into my account in 2 days time.”

Fryderyk Doerffer

July 2016

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