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The US is a nation of immigrants, and each immigrant community has its own cultural restaurants, stores, and institutions. New immigrants in the US often seek out these cultural touch-points as they get used to living in the US. Indian grocery stores, for instance, are places where Indian immigrants (and others, of course) can get […]

Renewing your DACA might seem like a troublesome task to do by yourself – particularly when you see how lengthy the checklist can get. However, that is only from the first appearance. In reality, most of the time, your DACA can easily be renewed without even having to leave the comfort of your own home. […]

Chinese cuisines have wide-spread global recognition for being simple yet delicious. Even in the USA, ethnic Chinese restaurants dot the landscapes of all major cities as well as the outskirts. However, dining out at restaurants may not always be possible due to the time and cost constraints. But if you’re planning to cook-in to have […]

Traveling abroad is almost always an exciting prospect. Coming to the U.S. for study, research or training related reasons has even more opportunities that you can be excited about. J1 visa holders usually come to the U.S. either to study or to exchange knowledge as a professor, researcher or specialist. You are allowed to be […]

While many people often use the terms “Permanent Resident” and “Citizen” interchangeably, there is a great deal of difference between these two statuses. If you are wondering about the differences and similarities between the two, then go through this article to get a clear understanding of the details. What Is a Lawful Permanent Resident? Having residency […]

It’s common for green card holders in the U.S. to seek a green card for their spouse as well, and the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) allows this under the family second preference category (2A). Unfortunately, your spouse can’t join you in the U.S. as soon as you submit a petition for a Category […]

Wondering which are the hottest French tech startup companies in the US? If you are looking to find out the most appealing French startups based out of the US, then you have landed at the right place. This article lists down the top 10 most attractive US-based French tech startups to work for in 2019. […]

Applying to replace or renew your Green Card can be a tricky (and sometimes frustrating) situation to be in. Especially if you need to provide information that you have no idea where to start looking for, or you don’t understand what they actually want. These can be questions like, “Where did you apply for your immigrant […]

Finding a scholarship that fits your purposes is certainly not easy to do. It is particularly difficult to achieve if you are an immigrant student – one that does not have the same benefits as a resident or citizen has. There is research to be done and paperwork to be signed – only to find […]

The American healthcare system is notoriously complex and difficult to deal with even for American citizens. Getting healthcare as a visa holder can be even more challenging, and immigrants seeking healthcare in the US are often overwhelmed. This article is a detailed guide for J1 visa holders considering a health insurance plan. Find out who […]