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H1 Visa Holders are foreign nationals who have gotten hired by American companies, and who likely have a specialty skill or extraordinary ability that the company needs. They get temporary work status because their employer has recruited them and championed their visa application. But what about their families? Picking up everything and moving to a […]

Being an international student in the United States can be tough. First, you need to understand the foreign system you have just gotten yourself into (including the foreign system of credit history) and then proceed to learn how to navigate it without the perks of being a resident or U.S. Citizen. Getting simple things like […]

For many people living in the US on a visa, getting a loan can be difficult without any previous credit history in the US. To help you out, we’ve created this guide on how to get a loan, even with no credit (not to be confused with bad credit!). How to Qualify for a No […]

For many foreign workers who wish to one day work and reside in the United States, starting the process can be the most difficult part. Trying to navigate informational websites and understand the processes can be time-consuming, frustrating, and complicated. We know how difficult it is to gather all of the essential information needed, so […]

H1B Visa holders have just gotten a job in the United States and are being backed by the company that hired them. That’s a big leap of faith by both the foreign national turned foreign worker, and the company who has hired them. When you get a new job, you hope that it will last […]

Every noncitizen in the US faces a set of challenges when it comes to living, working, and thriving. Immigrants on a J1 visa are no exception — and they have a few unique circumstances due to the nature of the visa. Read on to get more clarity on what these challenges are, and how J1 visa […]

Paying off student loans can be tough, especially if they’re international student loans. You constantly need to juggle between part-time jobs and studies. This is when refinancing an international student loan (or even student loan consolidation) can come as a relief. So how does refinancing student loans work and what is it exactly? What is […]

When you are the holder of a DACA, you are probably thinking that your loan approval chances are limited – with every request for a loan that you make always getting declined. This is precisely why most people holding this kind of visa do not even dare to apply for a loan since they believe […]

The Minimum Eligibility Criteria For a Loan With Stilt: Below are the minimum eligibility criteria to apply to borrow from Stilt. You must meet all of the criteria to be considered for a loan. Physical Presence in the U.S. You need to be physically present in the U.S. during the application process. If you were […]