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Getting a Visa is arguably the most important step when considering traveling to the US. This isn’t just the case when traveling for leisure, but for work as well. The two most common work Visas for the United States are the L1 Visa and the H-1B Visa. Are you currently on one of these visas, […]

If you are planning to study your MBA in the United States and are on a tighter budget than most, this article will show you what the cheapest universities in the US are for you to pursue higher education. Whether you are an international student or out of state student, you will learn which school […]

During your H1B visa application process, several documents will be needed from you along the way. Once your H1B visa petition is approved, you are allowed to schedule your H1B Visa stamping interview. When you are approved for the H1B visa stamping interview, several documents will be needed from you. H1B Visa Stamping: Documents Required […]

This article was written for OPT students that want to get a refund on their FICA taxes. Keep reading to learn how to get some extra money back after a year of hard work! What is FICA? FICA is the abbreviation of the Federal Insurance Contribution Act. The FICA tax is a United States federal […]

Having a good credit score is almost a necessity in the United States today. You might think you can avoid it for some time, but be assured, a bad or nonexistent credit score will severely inhibit you at some point in your life. This rule applies to everyone living in the United States: immigrants, international […]

Students across the US are always picking up money saving hacks to maximize the amount of cash they have to spend on their indulgences. Usually that consists of booze, parties, football games, and trips. If you are someone planning on traveling around the United States, you might want to think of the heavy costs associated […]

If you decide to study abroad in the United States, you will be hit with some us student visa interview questions we recommend you be prepared for in your interview. There is a long way to go to get your F1 visa and we want to explain the part of the process that puts some […]

Now that you are in the US, have you ever thought of working at a consultancy or at least getting a job from a consultancy. You could consider contacting them and then getting a job through them? If you have, I am guessing you know what we are talking about when it comes to consulting […]

If you are planning to study in the United States, but don’t know which visa you need or which visa is better to use abroad, then you have come to the right place! We are going to explain the differences between studying on an H4 and an F1 visa, as well as list the pros […]

You are planning to major in physical therapy and you want to study in the United States. You might have heard that the US has the best physical therapy schools worldwide, so of course, the US crossed your mind when deciding to choose your PT school. We want to help you pursue your dreams and […]