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Are you an international entrepreneur who is passionate about making a significant contribution to the US public? Would you like to stay in the U.S. while you grow your U.S.-based company? The International Entrepreneur Rule provides a clear pathway for high-potential entrepreneurs to do just that. The International Entrepreneur Rule has had a bumpy history. […]

People who have taken out home loans sometimes struggle with paying their mortgage every month. If you find yourself in such a situation, refinancing your mortgage might be the best solution to help you manage your expenses.  But what if you have already refinanced your mortgage before and are still struggling to make the payments? […]

Most credit card companies have partnerships with travel companies and grocery stores to provide cashback on different transactions you make. Of course, it’s not possible to claim too many of these rewards with just a single credit card. So you might be thinking about applying for another credit card to increase your chances of getting […]

The 401(k) plan is a retirement savings plan that is sponsored by your employer. Whenever you earn your monthly pay, part of that money goes into your 401(k) plan, 401(a) plan, or whatever package you get – to be accessed when you finally decide to retire. Still, there might come a time when you might […]

Checking your U.S. visa Dropbox eligibility is something you may be planning. But even though it is possible, you may not know how it’s done, and if it’s your first time doing something like this, things are even more complicated. So, how to check Dropbox eligibility with the app? You can find it out in […]

In movies and television, a trust fund is only ever held by the super-rich and their spoiled children. In real life, there are many reasons why you too would like to set up a trust fund for your family.  Here we will show you how to set up a trust that will give you control […]

Switching banks may become necessary at one point in life. You may have decided to move to a different state or city, or you may simply be tired of the fees the old bank forces on you, and you seek something better. Fortunately, there are solutions for any of your issues, and you can switch […]

Usually, when cashing a check, people use an ID to complete the transaction. Banks are required to have an identity verification policy by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, which is why an ID is necessary. But there may be ways for you to cash a check even if you don’t want to use an ID. […]

USCIS is finalizing a policy that will temporarily suspend the requirement to submit biometrics for the employment authorization form. The suspension is expected to begin on May 17, 2021. This is great news for H4 EAD applicants! It means one less step in the application process.  Biometric screening was one of the main contributors to […]

Have you ever found yourself wishing you could use a check without needing a checking account? What if we told you there is actually a way in which you can accomplish this? That’s right! This can be accomplished easily with the help of a MoneyGram money order. But what exactly is a money order, and […]