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Cryptocurrency is a very appealing investment because there is such a wide variety of available strategies. Are you going to buy and hold? Are you interested in crypto lending? Is margin trading for you?  Depending on your trading strategy, you will need certain features from your crypto exchange. With so many exchanges out there, how […]

Ripple and Stellar are two of the companies that offer cryptocurrency, and because they are not as popular as Ethereum or Bitcoin, you might not know a lot of things about them. However, upon reading about them, you notice some similarities, which makes it harder for you to choose between them. Fortunately, that is exactly […]

The National Immigrant Justice Center (NIJC) is an organization that looks out for the legal welfare of immigrants and other similar individuals. The NIJC carries out various legal services to aid and address all types of problems faced by immigrants in the US. What is the National Immigrant Justice Center? The National Immigrant Justice Center […]

The US green card application is a tedious process, with multiple forms and appointments. A mandatory requirement here is a medical examination. In this article, we will explain the importance of a medical exam and why it is essential to get it right. Is There a Medical Exam When Getting a Green Card? The simple […]

The certificate of naturalization number can be quite a significant and emotional number for many. The C-file number signifies the end of a long, arduous journey in acquiring US citizenship. It is a guarantee of US citizenship. Individuals are generally asked for their C-file number when filling up forms for citizenship and Immigration Service. Individuals […]

A green card is a very important document that you need to keep safe at all times, especially considering it’s not that easy to get one. But what happens when you discover you have a lost green card? Losing a green card will make you panic because you won’t know whether this hinders your chances […]

Most people on the planet know about Bitcoin, but to them, Bitcoin seems like the universal cryptocurrency. After all, it is the most popular one out there, and it only makes sense that this would be the first cryptocurrency anyone hears of. However, there are different options too, such as Ripple’s XRP. But if you’re […]

When you enter or leave the United States, you will get something that is known as the I-94. If it’s your first time visiting the U.S. or you travel there for education purposes, you may be confused by the I-94 form and you might not know why you need it. Well, if you’re going to […]

Have you just come across Binance and want to start using it? Binance is one of the largest platforms for cryptocurrency trading, and it can offer you a great experience when making trades. But to make that possible, you must know how to trade Binance, which may be a bit challenging when it’s your first […]

Making money with cryptocurrency is all the rage nowadays. However, with so many online brokers out there, it might be difficult to find one to rely on. Two brokers, in particular, have become very popular nowadays, namely Coinbase and Binance. Which option should you use as a cryptocurrency trader? Are there any notable differences between […]