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Are you the child of a U.S. citizen but perhaps you’re unsure whether you can get citizenship yourself? Or maybe your child’s other parent is a U.S. citizen but your living outside the U.S., so you’re wondering whether they still qualify to be a citizen themselves.  The good news is INA 320 provides for this. […]

Deportation decisions are made by judges at Immigration Courts. While some are final decisions, others can be challenged, and if possible, overturned. In such cases, Form EOIR-26 is used. But who can file this form, and how? In this article, we’ll explain everything you need to know about EOIR-26. What is EOIR 26? EOIR-26, officially […]

People have the chance to get a real ID or an enhanced ID in the United States. But the problem is that not many know what these two are and how they are different. It’s important to understand this before getting one. Here is all you need to know regarding real ID vs enhanced ID. […]

If you are applying for the conditions of your permanent residency to be removed, you will need to do everything you can to prove your marriage is legitimate. This includes providing an Affidavit of Support with your Form I-751. The more Affidavits of Support you can provide, the better chance of your success!  But providing […]

If you have an immigrant visa, and you are traveling to the United States as a lawful permanent resident (possibly pursuing naturalization), you will be required to pay an immigration fee before you can get your green card. You have to pay this immigration fee on the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) online […]

The number of people who wish to obtain U.S. citizenship keeps growing as many individuals learn that they have new opportunities in the States. Obtaining citizenship is not easy but once someone gets it, they are ready to work towards their dreams and a better life. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean a U.S. citizen doesn’t have […]

If you’re changing your location when there’s a case pending in your name in the Board of Immigration Appeals, then you’ve got a job to do. You must inform the correct agency about your location change. This is done by form EOIR 33. In this article, we’ll explain who needs and need not fill out […]

No matter if you are sending money to yourself or your family, sometimes it might be rather difficult to send that money quickly. Bank transfers take ages, particularly when you are sending different currencies, which is why you may want something that can help solve the problem much faster. In this regard, you might find […]

In certain situations, it’s possible to file Form I-130 and Form I-485 at the same time. This is known as concurrent filing. But why would one file the forms at the same time? Moreover, who can do it and how can you do it the right way? Read this article to find out more about […]

Form I-864 is very useful for people who are family-based immigrants, as well as employment-based immigrants in some situations. The purpose is to show that you have enough financial support to prevent you from becoming a public charge. Being a public charge would not be beneficial for you, which is why it’s important to prove […]