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At a Glance: The L1 Visa is reserved for managerial or executive professionals transferring to the US from within a company. The H-1B Visa is needed when a US-based company hires a foreign professional to work in the United States. Getting a Visa is arguably the most important step when considering traveling to the US. […]

If you are planning to study your MBA in the United States and are on a tighter budget than most, this article will show you what the cheapest universities in the US are for you to pursue higher education. Whether you are an international student or out of state student, you will learn which school […]

At a Glance: Once your H1B visa petition is approved, you will be able to schedule an interview. Before you apply for your interview, you need to have a completed DS-160 Visa Application Form. During your H1B visa application process, several documents will be needed from you along the way. Once your H1B visa petition […]

This article was written for OPT students that want to get a refund on their FICA taxes. Keep reading to learn how to get some extra money back after a year of hard work! What is FICA? FICA is the abbreviation of the Federal Insurance Contribution Act. The FICA tax is a United States federal […]

Having a good credit score is almost a necessity in the United States today. You might think you can avoid it for some time, but be assured, a bad or nonexistent credit score will severely inhibit you at some point in your life. This rule applies to everyone living in the United States: immigrants, international […]

At a Glance: To be approved for an F1 visa, applicants must complete and F1 visa interview. During the interviews, the application will be asked a number of questions ranging from general information, to information about the school they will be attending and how they will pay for their education. When applying for your F1 […]

Now that you are in the US, have you ever thought of working at a consultancy or at least getting a job from a consultancy? If you have, I am guessing you know what we are talking about when it comes to consulting companies. If you know little to nothing, then read this article carefully […]

At a Glance: There are a number of differences between the H4 visa and the F1 visa in the US when it comes to attenting college. The biggest differences between the two are access to funds to pay for school and opportunities to work while in the US. If you are planning to study in […]

At a Glance: US has some of the best physical therapy schools in the world. University of Southern California is ranked as the best PT school in the United States. The second best school to consider is the University of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania. You are planning to major in physical therapy and you want to […]

At a Glance: U.S. is home to some of the largest universities in the world. Some universities are so huge in terms of the number of students enrolled, they’re called mega-universities. These universities can accommodate thousands of students, professors, research scholars, and more. Have you ever wondered what the largest universities in the United States […]