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At a Glance: The F1 Visa is a non-immigrant visa for academic students studying in the US. Eligibility requires intentions to return home, acceptance to a US school, financial support, and ties to the home country. The F1 visa acceptance rate is challenging but varies. The visa interview covers university choice, finances, family, work, and […]

Now that you are in the US, have you ever thought of working at a consultancy or at least getting a job from a consultancy? If you have, I am guessing you know what we are talking about when it comes to consulting companies. If you know little to nothing, then read this article carefully […]

At a Glance: There are a number of differences between the H4 visa and the F1 visa in the US when it comes to attenting college. The biggest differences between the two are access to funds to pay for school and opportunities to work while in the US. If you are planning to study in […]

At a Glance: US has some of the best physical therapy schools in the world. University of Southern California is ranked as the best PT school in the United States. The second best school to consider is the University of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania. You are planning to major in physical therapy and you want to […]

At a Glance: The United States is home to some of the largest universities in terms of student enrollment. The top 10 largest universities in the country, based on enrollment, are Liberty University with 75,044 students, California State University, Fullerton with 70,681 students, Texas A&M University — College Station with 67,580 students, University of Central […]

An H1B visa is a non-immigrant visa allowing US companies to hire foreign workers. In applying for an H1B visa, the company petitions the government to grant the foreign worker time in the US to temporarily work for the company. The visa does not grant permanent residency, although it can lead to a green card […]

At a Glance: The top 5 U.S. universities for computer science are Stanford University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Princeton University, Carnegie Mellon University, and University of California (Berkeley). These universities offer comprehensive computer science programs at undergraduate and graduate levels, covering various specializations such as analytics, artificial intelligence, network security, and more. Each university […]

At a Glance: The H4 visa allows spouses and children under 21 of H1B visa holders to join them in the US. H4 visa holders can work, get a driver’s license, open bank accounts, go to school, and be eligible for a Tax ID and social security number. There is no cap on the number […]

At a Glance: There are various types of employment-based green cards, denoted by “EB” followed by a preference number. EB-1 is for individuals with extraordinary abilities or outstanding achievements, while EB-2 is for those with advanced degrees or exceptional abilities. EB-3 is for skilled workers, professionals, or other workers. Additionally, there are EB-4 for special […]

image source: Fryderyk Doerffer We are excited to bring back our interview series with Stilt borrowers and friends. These individuals share their experience of coming to the U.S. as international students, employees, dependents, and entrepreneurs. In our series, today we will talk to one of our early borrowers — Fryderyk Doerffer. He will share his personal […]