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Bank fees help banks to bring in revenue. However, they can be incredibly inconvenient and expensive for bank customers. Because of this fact, it is wise for bank customers to be aware of some of the main bank fees that they may have to pay. The more that bank customers understand these fees, the less […]

Overdraft fees is the fee charged when withdrawal from your bank account exceeds the available balance, creating an overdraft. The bank charges you a fine or penalty in such a scenario, to cover the cost of the transaction, known as overdraft fee or non/sufficient funds (NSF) fee. The average Overdraft fee in the United States […]

Harrisburg University Overview: Harrisburg University of Science and Technology is a private institution in the United States of America that was founded in 2001. It is located in the heart of downtown Harrisburg, the thriving capital of Pennsylvania. It has a total undergraduate enrollment of 387, and the setting is Urban. (Source: ) It […]

Buying a dream home is exciting, but applying for a mortgage can be daunting, especially if you’re applying for a mortgage in the US as a nonresident! The application process requires a huge amount of paperwork and documents. There is also usually a lot of uncertainty as to whether you will qualify for a loan […]

Wells Fargo MedCap Loan is a student loan that covers the cost of education including living expenses, tuition, books, computers, lab supplies, etc.; for medical students and healthcare professionals in the field of nursing, dental, surgery, medical and other health-related programs.   Wells Fargo MedCAP Alternative Loan Features   Loan Payments are required to be […]

As per the F-1 Students Regulatory Board, OPT Students can travel abroad on certain conditions. They require additional documents and paperwork to be able to come back to the US. Though there are certain risks involved, as OIE does not guarantee that the students will be granted admission by Customs and Border Protection (CBP) upon […]

Grace period is the amount of period you can stay in the US on F-1 status, before and after the duration of your study and training there. As an F-1 student, your US visa is granted for the duration of your academic program plus grace period and not until a specific date. So, it’s important […]