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If you are planning to study in the United States, but don’t know which visa you need or which visa is better to use abroad, then you have come to the right place! We are going to explain the differences between studying on an H4 and an F1 visa, as well as list the pros […]

You are planning to major in physical therapy and you want to study in the United States. You might have heard that the US has the best physical therapy schools worldwide, so of course, the US crossed your mind when deciding to choose your PT school. We want to help you pursue your dreams and […]

Have you ever wondered what the largest universities in the United States are?  In this article, we have listed the ten largest United States public university campuses by enrollment as of 2021. 10 Largest Universities in the United States by Enrollment Please note that this list only includes individual four-year campuses. Read on to learn […]

An H1B visa is a non-immigrant visa allowing US companies to hire foreign workers. In applying for an H1B visa, the company petitions the government to grant the foreign worker time in the US to temporarily work for the company. The visa does not grant permanent residency, although it can lead to a green card […]

A career in Computer Science could be one of the most lucrative choices in the United States. No matter, if you aspire to become a web developer, a mobile app developer, a software engineer, a systems architect, a data engineer or want to pursue your career in an academic field, Computer Science indeed opens up […]

When a parent or spouse obtains their US work visa, many families find themselves dreading the idea of having to live apart from the visa holder. Many H1 visa holders want to stay with their children or spouses, and often, these dependent family members (spouses and children under 21 years of age) rely on the […]

A US green card allows immigrants to gain permanent residency in the United States, either through a family-based or employment-based sponsorship. The process of international relocation is difficult enough — not to mention that the green card process is different with each path and the processing times vary based on your situation. To help out, […]

image source: Fryderyk Doerffer We are excited to bring back our interview series with Stilt borrowers and friends. These individuals share their experience of coming to the U.S. as international students, employees, dependents, and entrepreneurs. In our series, today we will talk to one of our early borrowers — Fryderyk Doerffer. He will share his personal […]

You want to travel to the US but are unsure if you are able to because you do not remember the last time you visited the country nor do you remember which visa you went in with? If you have not tracked your travels recently and need to know them to re-enter the country, you […]

If you are considering studying in the United States, you have probably heard some horror stories about students being deported or universities being placed on a “blacklist”. This can make deciding on what school to apply for a very trick process. Nobody wants to go to a school that is involved in a scandal or […]