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The 8 Ivy League universities that call the United States home are renowned as the best and most recognized universities worldwide. Many students dream to just set foot in one of these universities, but to actually be able to study there would mean the world to hundreds of thousands of students. But why? What is […]

Traveling to the United States and living the American dream is the desire of many people across the world. But this dream doesn’t come true for everyone. One important aspect of the American dream is working hard. Another is getting a good education. For those who wish to make it to the United States, working […]

Many international students need a car when they are in the U.S. To get a car you need international student car insurance. If you are an international student, you will be able to get car insurance for international students in the U.S. To make the process easier and a little less complication take a look […]

Many students who study on an F-1 visa wonder if they are allowed to work in the US during or after their studies. And, what their options are if they are allowed to work. One of the great options for F-1 students is work permission called Optional Practical Training (OPT). Check out our video guide […]

College is the time where many young adults begin to think about getting their first credit card. However, without any previous credit history, or knowledge of credit cards, students may hold back on applying for their first card. We created this article to help you determine whether you should get a credit card and the […]

Attending a university in the United States is a tremendous and exciting opportunity that gets many international students really excited. The benefits can be great, but what about the cost? Unfortunately, a college education in the US is very expensive — for citizens and internationals alike. Most students utilize student loans to help cover their […]

Refinancing your student loans can save you a lot of money in the long run. You can lower your interest rate, fees, and possibly even your monthly repayment amount. Apart from saving money on the terms of the loan, it can also help your monthly cash flow. Especially if you are cash-strapped in the first years […]

College students are often responsible for paying tuition, rent, transportation, food, and much more. They also have the responsibility of staying on top of their studies, attaining internships, and still finding personal time for themselves. For a busy student juggling academics, internships, clubs, and a social life, there’s often no time left over to work, […]

Being an international student in the United States can be tough. First, you need to understand the foreign system you have just gotten yourself into (including the foreign system of credit history) and then proceed to learn how to navigate it without the perks of being a resident or U.S. Citizen. Getting simple things like […]

Paying off student loans can be tough, especially if they’re international student loans. You constantly need to juggle between part-time jobs and studies. This is when refinancing an international student loan (or even student loan consolidation) can come as a relief. So how does refinancing student loans work and what is it exactly? What is […]