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At a Glance Life insurance provides financial protection and security to loved ones upon the policyholder’s death. Whole life insurance offers lifelong coverage, a guaranteed death benefit, and potential cash value accumulation. Term life insurance provides coverage for a specific term, is mor…

At a Glance Traveling without health insurance poses a risk of high medical costs and limited healthcare abroad. International health insurance provides financial protection and coverage for emergency medical treatments, hospitalizations, and surgeries. Choose from three main types: Travel Medical I…

At a Glance Armed Forces Insurance (AFI), GEICO, and USAA are the top three car insurance options for military personnel. AFI is ideal for veterans and retired military, offering exceptional coverage and customer service. GEICO provides the best discounts for active military. USAA serves military me…


The good news is you don’t have to worry about overstaying your welcome. You can extend your B2 visitor’s visa by following the steps on this page.  As for what happens if you get sick, the answer will depend on whether you have travel insurance and, if you do, who

The H4 visa is issued to dependents of H1 visa holders who are employed in the US by US-based organizations. While applicants put all of their focus on paperwork and attending interviews, the insurance segment is left behind. But with the current Coronavirus pandemic hitting the world, all of this

At a Glance Visitor insurance provides coverage for individuals on temporary visas, such as B1 visas, while visiting the U.S. It helps cover qualifying medical expenses for beneficiaries during their stay abroad. Two types of visitor insurance include fixed travel insurance (budget option) and compr…


Did you ever take the time to consider the importance of insurance when it comes to visa? The thing is that many people overlook this, although the costs of healthcare in the US tend to be quite significant. But the truth is that coping with a health-related problem in the

You have a world of opportunities waiting for you. You moved to the U.S. with either your spouse or parent who holds an H1 visa. Your H4 visa grants you many rights in the U.S., but you need to set a couple of things in order to live life at

Are you a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) and struggling to get a job? Are you looking for more opportunities in your specific field of nursing in your surrounding area? Or are you just fed up with the old way nurses have been recruited and exploited by the system? Say no


Taking out travel insurance for visiting parents should be one of your top priorities when planning your parent’s visit to the U.S. There are many factors to consider and questions that you may have when comparing the different insurance plans. Below we answer some of the most frequently asked…


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