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People who want to become lawful permanent residents need to go through a process that will help them obtain their green cards. There is an estimated number of 13.2 million people who possess a green card. Sadly, not all immigrants are lucky enough to get a green card immediately. In reality, ever since Congress updated […]

If you are applying for an immigration benefit such as a visa, green card, or naturalization, you should be aware of your upcoming biometrics appointment. You probably already received your notice stating when and where you should attend yours. The biometrics appointment is a requirement set by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services before […]

If you are waiting for your green card, especially if you want to apply for a family-based green card, you’ve probably heard about the Visa Bulletin.  Perhaps you’ve even taken a look and tried to understand everything about the Visa Bulletin. Without the proper context though, the categories, dates, and complicated terminology will probably make […]

In the fiscal year 2017, there were over 707,000 immigrants that got naturalized. Naturalization is an essential process to go through for any immigrant who wishes to become a U.S. citizen. In November 2019, the Trump Administration came with the proposal to increase the naturalization cost. As a result, it increased by more than 80% […]

If you’re in the process of immigrating to the U.S. on a green card, you should know about Labor Certification. While you will not file for it, your employer will. In case they have not conveyed it to you, the certification is more important than the green card itself, and decides the fate of your […]

In 2016, there were about 1.18 million legal immigrants admitted to the United States. As such, these people had to go through a time-consuming process to prepare for their admission into the U.S. They had to face consular processing to make this possible. But what exactly is consular processing, and what is its role in […]

Are you about to become a U.S. citizen? Do you need some advice on how to get this done? You’ll need some help if you are about to complete an application for naturalization. Do you know what documents are required? Do you have the correct application forms? Don’t stress, we’ll help you with some handy […]

There are a few things that may stress us out in life – but if there is anything that might cause us a lot of anxiety, that’s an interview. During an interview, we have to always answer honestly whatever question that we are addressed – and make everything sound as natural as possible. The wrong […]

Immigration in the U.S. is complex, to say the least. With scores of forms available, each with a specific purpose, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Form I-944 is one such form that is both long and complex for first-time filers. If you were asked by the USCIS or your law firm to fill out this […]

Getting naturalized and becoming a U.S. citizen is a dream for many people. Rightly so, because a U.S. citizenship grants new rights and benefits to those lucky enough to obtain it. In this article, we’ll explain how to get naturalized in 10 steps. If you follow these steps, then U.S. citizenship might not be that […]