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The number of people who wish to obtain U.S. citizenship keeps growing as many individuals learn that they have new opportunities in the States. Obtaining citizenship is not easy but once someone gets it, they are ready to work towards their dreams and a better life. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean a U.S. citizen doesn’t have […]

Green cards are valid for 10 years, after which you need to apply for renewal. The green card renewal application requires you to pay filing and biometric fees. But the USCIS allows you to request a fee waiver if you’re unable to pay. In this article, we’ll explain how to apply for a green card […]

Do you find yourself in the United States, eligible to apply for a green card except for one tiny bit of evidence making you ineligible – such as having worked without authorization? Or have you perhaps overstayed your lawful status in the U.S., and you’re scared to leave as you will be barred from re-entering […]

You’ve recently had the best day of your life: you just married your significant other, and life could not be better for you. Now, however, there’s a problem: the name in your passport no longer matches the name in your ID. Technically speaking, you are a different person now. Will you get into any issues […]

There’s a lot of confusion surrounding illegal immigrants and their rights in the U.S. Some of them have become part of the DACA program and thus got the opportunity to work in the U.S. legally and without fearing deportation. But whether you’re part of DACA or not, you may be asking “Can I get a […]

If you are from a country where speaking English is not a requirement, you may not have had the most stellar English when you came into the U.S. Granted, maybe you knew a thing or two – but not enough to be fluent. Still, do you have to be fluent, or can you just get […]

Possessing a green card doesn’t mean all your paperwork and immigration concerns are over. Or that you now have endless carefree days in the United States. Your green card is proof that you are authorized to live and work in the United States, yes. But green cards expire, and if you hold an expired green […]

As someone that has not been born in the United States, you might always have that thought lingering at the back of your mind: what if something happens and I end up losing my citizenship? Can that actually happen – and can I be kicked out of the country, even if I’m a citizen of […]

There are various things that are on the line when you are pursuing a green card. You put in a fair amount of hope and time, you pay all the necessary taxes, and you are waiting expectantly to receive your green card. This is why it might seem like a devastating shock for you to […]

Thousands of American citizens marry foreign spouses each year. This makes the foreign-born spouse eligible for a green card, which is called a marriage-based green card. For these people, it’ll be a new beginning in a new land. But how long does the process take? In this article, we’ll provide information on marriage-based green cards […]