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Key Findings 23% of the celebrities on Cameo are Content Creators The average prices charged in each major category fall between $30.52 and $54.84 Most celebrities on Cameo charge in the $20–$50 price range Celebrities from newer media (Content Creators) charge in the $10–$20 price range YouTube leads other content creation platforms in the number […]

KEY FINDINGS: Zelle is out-performing Venmo amongst immigrants in user share, retention, transaction volume 2.23x more immigrants use Zelle over Venmo Zelle is retaining 2.28x more immigrant users than Venmo Transaction volume among immigrants using Zelle increased 1.21x more than those using Venmo Immigrant users transfer 3.4x more with Zelle, 2.2x more with Venmo (after […]

KEY FINDINGS H1B workers contribute more than $27.1 billion dollars per year towards Social Security and Medicare benefits (that they may not be able to benefit from) H1B visa holders spend $76.7+ billion at U.S. businesses annually 74% of spending ($57.1 Billion) by H1B visa holders goes directly to local businesses with their communities H1B […]

It probably won’t surprise you to learn that stress will negatively impact people. What may surprise you, though, is that a staggering 70% percent of college students reported experiencing stress related to their financial situation. In fact, 80% of top university executives say that mental health is more of a priority today than it was […]

To better understand the banking habits of U.S. immigrants, we analyzed how and where 3000 immigrants are storing their money as well as the various banking fees they were paying. Key Takeaways A vast majority of immigrant bank accounts are with just five financial institutions A vast majority of immigrants only have one bank account […]