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Stimulus checks have been offered to millions of Americans as a way to help them during these trying times. However, not everyone knows where they can cash in their stimulus checks, especially if they don’t own a bank account. So, if you came here wondering “Where can I cash my stimulus check?”, you will find […]

Very soon, most Americans will receive a stimulus check from Uncle Sam. The IRS announced the payments would begin shortly, but depending on the case, they might arrive at different moments. What are these stimulus checks – and who is eligible for them? When can I expect to receive them? Read this article and find out […]

Key Findings – 94% of all cryptocurrency buyers are Gen Z or Millennials (18-40 years old) – Gen X buyers purchased an average of $9,611 crypto last year while Millennials bought $8,596 and Gen Zers bought $6,120 – Millennial crypto buyers have 5.4x more student loan debt, 2.3x more auto loan debt, and 1.7x more […]

Key Findings – 53% of Coinbase users have a FICO score under 650 (in the Very Poor to Fair range according to Experian) – Coinbase users increased their account balances by 2.7x YoY between January 2020 and January 2021 – Low FICO score Coinbase users increased their balances by net $8,099 (+340%) YoY, compared to […]

KEY FINDINGS 4.5% more H1B visas have been awarded during the Trump presidency The Trump admin has awarded 41% more H4 visas per year on average A record 353,279 J1 visas were awarded in 2019, up 4% from 2016 F1 visas are down 30% under the Trump admin In just a couple of weeks, U.S. […]

KEY FINDINGS Banks charged $4.15+ Billion in NSF Fee during Q2 2020 Banks charged $5.09+ Billion in Overdraft Fee during Q2 2020 The average NSF Fee was $29.67 and the average overdraft fee was $28.32 Bank customers in the U.S. paid ~$11.6 billion in fees during the first three months of COVID-19 On March 11, […]

KEY FINDINGS 54% of Cash App users have a credit score of less than 600 Top 5 states by number of users: TX (15.28%), CA (14.99%), FL (10.49%), NY (7.99%), GA (6.69%) Cash App transaction volume grew by 10x (April 2019 – June 2020) Cash App Users Make 6.4 Transactions Per Month (June 2020) Average […]

KEY FINDINGS Credit card spending dropped by 34% Credit card payments dropped by 25% ATM withdrawals dropped by 46% YoY spending on fast food dropped 50.5%-73.6% Food delivery service spending rose 1.5-4.5x YoY YoY spending on auto services dropped by 38% Gas station spending dropped by 42.6% YoY YoY Rideshare spending dropped by 79.1% for […]