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In the middle of 2019, about 374 million credit card accounts have been opened in the U.S. Many people need credit cards for various reasons, but one of the downfalls of getting a credit card is the interest rate. Did you know you could get a zero-interest credit card, though?

Disclosure: Stilt is a lending company. Nonetheless, we are committed to recommending the best loan products to our readers when their needs are outside Stilt’s loan offerings.  There’s nothing sweeter than a wedding. It’s the day where you celebrate the start of your life with your significant…

When debt seems to be continuously piling up on your credit card, you no longer have any hopes that you can get rid of that rising interest. However, more and more people nowadays are leaning towards personal loans, as they seem to be a great choice to pay off your


At a Glance The Apple Card is a credit card offered by Apple. It is linked to the Apple Wallet app on an iPhone, allowing users to track spending, earn cash rewards, and enjoy budgeting features. The card has no fees and offers integration with Apple Pay. Eligibility requirements include

Adjusting to life in the US is difficult. Everyday demands to survive are stressful enough, yet immigrants must face those demands on top of figuring out the ins and outs of a new culture. Most immigrants arrive with no US credit history, and credit is essential for setting up a

At a Glance International students generally cannot obtain a Social Security Number (SSN) unless authorized to work in the US. But can can still apply for student credit cards. A few options for credit cards for international students include Deserve Edu, Bank of America Cash and Travel Rewards card…


What is an International Bank Card/ Forex Card? At a Glance: An international bank card or forex card is a prepaid ATM card that allows you to withdraw money in the local currency of a foreign country from ATMs. When you purchase a forex card, you load it with a

Every year, bright and eager international students from all over the world move to the United States to make the country their new home. Adapting to life in America can be quite perplexing, especially when it comes to concepts that are foreign to you — like building credit as an

Having a good credit score is almost a necessity in the United States today. You might think you can avoid it for some time, but be assured, a bad or nonexistent credit score will severely inhibit you at some point in your life. This rule applies to everyone living in


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