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At a Glance When applying for a new credit card, it is advisable to wait at least 90 days, and ideally six months, between applications to avoid negatively impacting your credit score. Some credit card companies, like Capital One, enforce specific waiting periods, and multiple applications within a …

At a Glance It is recommended to keep credit card statements for a minimum of 60 days, as per the Fair Credit Billing Act. Some situations warrant keeping statements longer, including ongoing disputes, statement credits, returns, extended warranties, and tax-related expenses. Digital statements are …

At a Glance: Yes, it is possible to have a negative balance on a credit card. This occurs when the credit card company owes you money instead of the other way around. It can happen if you have unused rewards, return an item purchased with the card, or overpay your


At a Glance: Paying rent with a credit card is possible if your landlord accepts it, but there may be extra fees involved. Some third-party services like Plastiq, PlacePay, and RentTrack allow credit card payments, but they also charge convenience fees. It’s important to understand these fees …

At a Glance: A charge card requires the balance to be paid in full each month, while a credit card allows for payment over time with the option to pay a minimum amount. Charge cards have no preset spending limits, whereas credit cards have a credit limit. Charge cards must

At a Glance: A credit card allows you to borrow money for purchases, with the obligation to repay it within a certain time or incur interest. The credit card limit determines the amount you can use. The statement balance reflects the total owed at the end of a billing cycle,


Credit cards have become quite a convenient tool for paying bills and making purchases. That being said, even if they are so common nowadays, not everyone knows how exactly they work or what makes them such good tools. How does a credit card work exactly? This article is here to

If you’re in a tight financial spot, paying your mortgage could seem like an insurmountable mountain. It’s a large sum of money to fork out every month. If you’ve been through a recent pandemic-related lay-off, paying your mortgage could even seem impossible.  Naturally, you s…

Credit cards are quite useful to have – and because of their benefits, people decide to get multiple of them. Sure, you might think to get one single card with a bigger credit line, but that might end up being even more expensive. Plus, there are some benefits to holding


A balance transfer is one method people use in order to make a transaction. However, many don’t know what exactly these transfers are, and why they would pick this type of transaction over another. Are you in the same situation? If so, then this article will answer your questions and


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