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At a Glance: The debt avalanche strategy targets the highest-interest loan first, and the debt snowball strategy targets the smallest loan first. The avalanche minimizes the amount of interest you have to pay, and the snowball strategy can be a useful motivational tool. Student loans can be the most significant financial burden for many young […]

At a Glance: FAFSA opens on October 1st, the year before you expect to enroll, and closes on June 30th in your enrollment year. Private lenders accept applications throughout the year, so you can apply when you have an acceptance letter. For many young people, the decision of how to fund their college or university […]

At a Glance: Tiny houses can be funded using personal loans, such as the ones offered by LightStream, Upgrade, SoFi, and Marcus by Goldman Sachs. Other than that, the options are very limited, and funding tiny houses comes with several risks. The tiny house movement is growing day by day, especially as more people are […]

At a Glance: There are many student loan options for trade schools. You can go for a federal loan such as a subsidized or unsubsidized loan or consider a private student loan. It’s also possible to take advantage of income-share agreements, scholarships, or grants. When you are dreaming about having a specific profession, you are […]

At a Glance: To finance a snowmobile, you can apply for a snowmobile loan with lenders such as Upstart, Upgrade, or Lightstream. You can also go for dealer financing for the best rates. Credit cards are an option, but not recommended due to the high interest. Not everyone loves winter, but those who are fans […]

At a Glance: HVAC financing means getting a personal loan to buy a home HVAC system. There are alternatives to a personal loan, including dealer financing, interest-free credit cards, and government assistance from the Department of Housing and Urban Development. In extreme climates, an HVAC system may be the difference between a comfortable and an […]

At a Glance: Need-based appeals detail your financial situation and funding requirements. Merit-based appeals are based on your achievements and abilities as a student or athlete. Both types of appeals must be supported by evidence. Paying for college or university is usually the single largest financial hurdle for young people. There are several different ways […]

At a Glance: One of the most important considerations regarding your student loan is when interest starts accruing. It also makes a difference how often accrued interest is calculated, either daily or monthly. The details are set out in the promissory note. If you are seeking ways to pay for your education, there are several […]

At a Glance: Dental loans are unsecured loans that you may use to cover the costs of dental procedures. There are multiple lenders that you may compare and choose from, based on who has the best interest rate. We all want to have perfect teeth, with no cavities or imperfections. The problem is that for […]

At a Glance: You can finance a new hot tub using dealer financing, home equity lines of credit, home equity loans, or personal loans. You will pay off your debt in monthly installments for a specific period until you repay the entire loan. Let’s be honest – what’s better than relaxing in a hot tub […]