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At a Glance: On average, weddings cost $27,000. But factors like the location of the wedding, the state, and the number of vendors can all affect how much you pay for your big day in the end. The big day has come: your partner proposed, and you have a wedding to plan. It almost seems […]

At a Glance: To get a loan while unemployed, you need alternative income or a large supply of cash. If you can’t get a traditional loan, there are alternatives you can explore to quickly secure the cash flow you need. A period of unemployment can be a very stressful time if you were not able […]

At a Glance: An engagement ring can be very expensive, but there are various ways to finance it. You can take out a personal loan, use a credit card or obtain financing for the ring through the jeweler. An engagement ring is something that can mark the beginning of a happy life together with your […]

At a Glance: Federal loans are almost always achievable without a cosigner. You will only need one if you are a graduate or parent with bad credit applying for a direct PLUS loan. Also, a cosigner will be needed if you apply for private student loans and have poor credit. Sometimes, there might be obstacles […]

At a Glance: Collateral is an asset that you offer a lender in case you can’t repay a loan. Secured personal loans come with many benefits but it is important to consider how your life could be affected if your collateral is seized. A personal loan can be a good way to get money for […]

At a Glance: To qualify for a student loan, you must be a U.S. citizen or a national status U.S. noncitizen. You should participate in an eligible program, keep good academic progress in school, have a valid SSN, and have a high school diploma or at least an equivalency that is recognized. Student loans are […]

At a Glance: Debt consolidation replaces multiple loans with one. It can simplify your finances, and potentially save you money. It is important to make sure you can afford the payments on the consolidation loan, and budget carefully to avoid unsustainable debt. Making repayments on many different loans can take up a lot of time […]

At a Glance: You can choose from various types of LASIK surgery such as blade LASIK, bladeless, custom, lasek, EpiLasik, and PRK. Fortunately, you can seek financing options like an HSA, FSA, financing plan, credit card, or personal loan to pay for the surgery. Laser eye surgery is extremely useful. It can correct vision issues, […]

At a Glance: Scooters can be financed in various ways. You can get a personal loan for your scooter, or you can go for dealer financing instead. Before financing a scooter, you must think about what type you want and what you need it for. Cars are not for everyone. Some people seek other forms […]

At a Glance: Variable rates change over time based on economic benchmarks, and fixed rates stay the same for the life of the loan. Variable-rate loans can get cheaper or more expensive over time. A fixed rate means your payment never changes. When taking out a loan, the most important factor is the interest rate. […]