Cost of Laser Eye Surgery by Type

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At a Glance: You can choose from various types of LASIK surgery such as blade LASIK, bladeless, custom, lasek, EpiLasik, and PRK. Fortunately, you can seek financing options like an HSA, FSA, financing plan, credit card, or personal loan to pay for the surgery.

Laser eye surgery is extremely useful. It can correct vision issues, so one can use it as an alternative to contact lenses or glasses. The most popular laser eye surgery is LASIK surgery.

Now, while it is certainly extremely effective, you must also think about one important factor: the cost. Laser eye surgeries are not exactly cheap, so you must sort out your finances before you get one.

This article will tackle the different types of laser eye surgery costs so you can prepare yourself for what’s to come.

Types of Lasik Eye Surgery

There are different types of Lasik eye surgery. So, the cost depends on the Lasik eye surgery you’re going for. Let’s look at some types and their costs:

Lasik with Blades

During the blade Lasik treatment, the surgeon will make a very small flap on the cornea using what is known as a Microkeratome. Afterward, the flap gets lifted so the laser can operate on the cornea, correcting the vision.

It’s an older type of treatment. Usually, it costs around $1,677 per eye.

Bladeless Lasik

Bladeless Lasik doesn’t use a blade to make the thin flap on the cornea. Instead, it takes advantage of a femtosecond laser to create the small flap.

This procedure is newer compared to blade Lasik, and on average, it costs $2,119 per eye.

Custom (Wavefront) Lasik

Custom LASIK is one of the most advanced and efficient laser treatments out there. It requires measuring an eye with a laser from front to back. Through “wavefront” technology, a 3D image of the eye is created, which the laser can use as a map to come up with the ideal treatment.

The typical cost for this surgery is $2,100 per eye.


PRK is short for PhotoRefractive Keratectomy. It’s not a new procedure, and it is great for individuals with thinner corneas. This was the first laser eye surgery type available for correcting vision problems. However, nowadays, it’s been pushed aside by LASIK.

Through PRK, the epithelial cells are removed, after which the cornea is reshaped. The treatment is bladeless.

PRK can be a bit expensive, requiring around $2,081 for each eye.


Lasek is short for Laser-Assisted Sub-Epithelial Keratomileusis. In this procedure, the corneal epithelium gets separated from the stromal layer, but the tissue is not fully removed and ditched. In fact, the very thin epithelium piece is pushed off to the side of the cornea. Therefore, it remains attached to the patient’s eye.

At the end of the treatment, the flap is put back on the eye surface in order to provide coverage for the treated area. Afterward, the eye will be protected with a bandage contact lens.

Lasek surgery might cost between $1,500 – $2,500 per eye, but prices differ.


During the EpiLASIK procedure, a flap is made using an epithelial separator with an oscillating plastic blade. This tool can separate the flap from the underlying corneal layer. EpiLASIK is suitable for individuals who don’t have thicker corneas. Thus, they don’t have enough tissue to qualify for LASIK surgery.

For this type of procedure, you have to pay between $1,500 and $2,500 per eye.

Cost of Lasik by Type

Most of the time, LASIK eye surgery costs around $2,200 for each eye. So, you can expect to pay at least $4,400 for both eyes in the U.S. if you need this surgery.

However, each type of LASIK surgery will have a different cost. Blade options may be cheaper than bladeless ones. Similarly, more advanced procedures such as custom LASIK, Lasek, or EpiLASIK are associated with higher costs. The latter two can reach $2,500 for one eye.

Factors that Impact the Cost of Lasik

Aside from the type of Lasik surgery, a few other things will influence the cost of the procedure. Here are common factors that can influence the final price of LASIK:

  • The Experience and Reputation of the Surgeon – If you want to work with an experienced and reputable doctor, you might have to pay more. Usually, these surgeons are in high demand and they afford to ask for higher prices.
  • The Location – The final price will also be influenced by the location of the surgery. Some geographical areas have higher living costs, which will also affect the LASIK surgery rates.
  • The Severity of Your Issue – The price also depends on how bad your eye problem is and how much correction you need. Some patients pay more based on an increased degree of correction.
  • The First Exam and Consultation – Although the initial consultation is sometimes free, there are cases when you need to pay for it. This will bring the final cost higher.
  • Future Procedures – After LASIK surgery, many individuals need to go for some visits, usually after a year. Sometimes, more procedures will be required, raising the price.

Lasik Cost by State

Not only will you pay for Lasik surgery based on the type, but you can also expect different prices in every state. Yes, areas with a higher cost of living might demand higher rates for this type of eye laser surgery.

In New York, the cost for one eye is an average of $1,883, whereas in Illinois it’s $1,756. Meanwhile, you can pay around $1,631 for one eye in Texas and $1,521 in California. As you can see, the price tag differs from one state to another. So, choose the most convenient state for you.

Lasik Financing

Do you want to undergo a LASIK surgery but don’t have the money? Here are some financing options to consider:

Financing Plans

There are many financing plans available for surgical practices. Using one of these plans might allow you to cover your LASIK costs. The best thing about them is that they might also have affordable rates.

Flexible Spending/Health Savings Accounts

If you have a job, you might be able to take advantage of a health savings account or flexible savings account. You can then pay for LASIK without worrying about taxes.

Credit Cards

Credit cards can also let you take money from your bank and pay for your surgery. Once you do it, you will have to pay off the debt within a certain amount of time.

Personal Loan

Perhaps one of the best ways to finance LASIK surgery is through a personal loan. These loans are often unsecured and you can use them for almost anything. If you’re lucky, you can enjoy some great terms too.

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Final Thoughts

LASIK surgery has different costs depending on the type you’re going for and your state. Consider a financing option such as a personal loan, credit card, HSA, FSA, or financing plan if you cannot afford the procedure.