14 Ways to Make Money on Amazon

Posted by Frank Gogol
Updated on August 2, 2022

Many people decide to join the e-commerce industry and make some money. Amazon is one of the hottest options, making it easy for anyone to sell their products and start getting some extra cash. That being said, if you want to make some money, don’t start thinking about how to cancel Amazon Prime just yet.

Instead, you can learn how to make money on Amazon. Is it truly that easy to earn cash using this online retailer? Read on to find out the best ways to make a profit using Amazon.   

How to Make Money on Amazon

If you want to make some extra income, you should consider Amazon. Here are some ways you can start making money with this huge online retailer.

1. Sell Private Label Products

Private label sales still represent one of the preferred ways of making money on Amazon. With private label sales, you can take an item that’s already manufactured (with a few improvements if possible), add your brand’s logo and branding, then put it for sale.

How Much Can You Make?

With private label products, you can make between $625 and $1,875 every month. Simultaneously, many private-label sellers make more than $5,000 every month.

2. Consider the Mechanical Turk Program

Mechanical Turk allows people to participate in various surveys, do research, or do similar tasks so that they can earn money.

How Much Can You Make?

You can make about $120-$200 per week if you work 20 hours.

3. Publish a Book on Kindle Direct Publishing

Book writers who want to make a profit on Amazon have an advantage – they can use the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing service to get their content out there. It’s not only a great way to get cash, but also a method to make yourself known all over the world.

You can take advantage of the digital format option and also sell printed copies of the books. Having a few bestsellers will help you a lot when you require extra money.

How Much Can You Make?

Every month, Amazon sellers who use Kindle Direct Publishing can earn up to $40,000.

4. Sell Handcrafted Items Through Amazon Handmade

With a little bit of creativity, you can boost your chances of making money through Amazon. Etsy is not the only place where you could thrive by selling your own creations – you can also use Amazon Handmade.

Individuals can use Amazon Handmade through an invitation. It may be a bit more demanding and time-consuming since you’ll have to work on the products yourself. Still, Amazon can give you a lot of exposure and, ultimately, the profit you’re chasing.

With Amazon Handmade, you can sell items like art, accessories, jewelry, clothes, and more. And in order for people to find your brand’s shop, you’ll receive a custom URL from the platform.

How Much Can You Make?

Amazon Handmade sellers can make up to $30 daily. In fact, more than half of the artisans on the platform make over $1,000 every month. This is all thanks to Amazon’s audience, which is huge.

5. Work as a Remote Amazon Employee

You don’t have to live close to the Amazon headquarters to work for Amazon. You can also work from the comfort of your home and make a buck.

How Much Can You Make?

If you work full-time, you can make as much as $30,000 annually.

6. Sell Shirts, Hats, Mugs, and More through Merch by Amazon

You can use Merch by Amazon to sell hats, mugs, shirts, and similar products to make money.

This service simply involves uploading your own designs into the database of the platform, after which Amazon will create the product when someone buys your design.

How Much Can You Make?

The sums of money you can make using this method vary in returns. Usually, one will get a 13%-37% royalty fee from Amazon based on the cost of the product.

7. Dropship Items

Dropshipping is a wonderful option for people who want to make money through Amazon but don’t have the funds to start an inventory.

You can just list certain items for sale without owning the inventory. Then, when a customer buys the product, you will order it from the supplier for a smaller cost, then they will ship it to the buyer.

How Much Can You Make?

The sums vary greatly depending on the products you dropship and the suppliers you work with. If you find a reliable supplier, you can make thousands of dollars monthly.

8. Offer Services through Amazon Services

If you can teach people a skill, you’re a plumber or you offer any kind of service, you can sell it through Amazon Services. People can then reach out to you when they need you.

How Much Can You Make?

With this option, there is no specific amount. How much you earn depends on how much you ask for your services. So, you set your own prices.

9. Sell Wholesale Goods

You don’t necessarily have to create your own products to make money through Amazon. Wholesale goods work just as well. All you have to do is buy large amounts of a certain product and use the FBA network of Amazon to sell the quantities.

So, if you want to make money without the trouble of manufacturing your own products, this method will work perfectly.

How Much Can You Make?

You can earn up to $3,000 – $4,000 per month by selling wholesale goods. This applies even though wholesaling has turned into a more challenging practice on the platform.

10. Become an Affiliate

Your ideas and content can bring you a lot of money – and you can use Amazon for this.

Amazon has an affiliate program called Amazon Associates. By becoming an affiliate, you can start recommending products from Amazon on your blog or website. Ideally, you should start recommending products from categories related to your platform, as they could then appeal to your audience.

When someone clicks on an affiliate link and buys a product you recommended, you can get a commission of 4%-10% of the price of the product. 

How Much Can You Make?

Not all Amazon affiliates earn the same amount, as it all varies on the price of the products recommended and other aspects. Now, an affiliate will not earn a high percentage from the purchase price of a product. But a high conversion volume and the rates from sharing links to the products will help one get more cash.

11. Flip Products with Retail Arbitrage

Retail arbitrage is also an easy way to make some money. All you need to do is buy some clearance items at great prices and sell them.

For instance, you can go to a big store like Target or Walmart, take the discounted products from there, and resell them using Amazon.

How Much Can You Make?

How much you make with retail arbitrage depends from one case to another. Basically, you can make as much as you wish using this method, and it’s difficult to estimate a general price for the practice.

12. Consider Working in a Distribution Center

You can also get paid by working in one of the distribution/fulfillment centers of Amazon. This means you can store, pack, or ship products for the company.

How Much Can You Make?

Generally, Amazon associates get about $15 per hour. You can earn as much as $30,000 annually if you work full-time.

13. Consider CamperForce Seasonal Work

People can also work seasonally with CamperForce, which allows them to travel around the country, work in a warehouse belonging to Amazon and then go to the following RV location.

How Much Can You Make?

If you work as a full-time seasonal associate, you can make about $600 every week.

14. Work as a Delivery Driver

With the Amazon Flex program, you can work as a driver and deliver products for the company.

How Much Can You Make?

The sum you can earn through this service is almost $100+ every day.

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Final Thoughts

If you’re creative enough and put in some extra effort, you can boost your earnings on Amazon. Clients will no longer look into how to remove a credit card from Amazon. Instead, they may fall in love with your shop or products and will spend their cash on what you offer.

Making money through Amazon is possible if you do everything right, so follow these tips and your business will soon take off.

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