Biden Increases Annual Refugee Admissions to 125,000

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According to the recent developments, there has been a change in an old refugee admission policy. The sitting President Joe Biden has declared dozens of changes to the processing policies of refugees. In this article, we will cover the impact and details of the executive order.

What Did The New Biden Executive Order Say About Refugees?

The new executive order by Joe Biden has addressed the growing global need to accept refugees from war-torn countries. The current President has been active about passing an executive order which addresses this same issue. For the last four years, the United States has been cut off from the refugee admission policy program due to the previous President’s policies. In this executive order, Joe Biden has pledged to increase the annual refugee admission up to 125,000 in the next fiscal year.

What Is the New Limit?

Joe Biden declared on Thursday that he is planning to raise the limit of annual refugee admission to 125,000 in the next fiscal year. This is almost eight times the limit set by the previous President Donald Trump, who restricted the refugee admission limit to an all-time low.

What Was the Previous Limit?

The previous limit set by President Donald Trump during his administration was 15,000, which is currently active. After the executive order is passed, the limit will be set at 125,000 admissions.

Why Was the Annual Refugee Admissions Number Increased?

In the previous administration of President Donald Trump, the refugee program was flagged as a security threat and a drain of resources for the United States. He deemed it unnecessary and extravagant to spend billions of dollars on a refugee program and took severe measures to limit the legal immigration limits to the United States. Political leaders had widely criticized the move all around the world.

The new executive order by Joe Biden aims to address this issue and revise the previous restrictions that were put by Donald trump’s policies on legal immigration. Due to the previous administration, the resettlement offices were closed down, and the program staff was assigned to other places. Due to this action, there was also a massive disruption in the waiting line of refugees waiting to get into the United States. The situation became complicated when the coronavirus outbreak led to a travel ban all around the world.

According to Joe Biden, there has been untold harm due to the previous president’s policies, and it will take quite a long time to recuperate the loss of reputation of the country. But that is exactly what the Democratic party leader and the President aim to rectify.

Joe Biden is also looking to increase the ceiling limit of refugees for this year after discussing it with Congress. The report has been released by White House factsheet, which came out on Thursday, and signals a significant change in the near future. Many Democratic leaders and global leaders have sent their regards and praised the executive order on humanitarian grounds. They have also hoped that the administration will be able to significantly speed up the processing of refugees and remove the restrictions that were placed against some applicants of specific countries or religions.

According to Jennifer Quigley, the refugee advocacy director of Human Rights First, based in New York City, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the issues present with the policies of the previous administration. The policies are currently being rectified to bring together cognitive solutions that help build a better refugee program.

Who Will This Change Impact?

Under the new executive order of presidential Biden, there will be a thorough review of the special immigrant visa program. This visa program is aimed at refugees who helped the interests of the United States in the war of Afghanistan and Iraq. There will also be an analysis and investigation on whether their applications have been delayed more than necessary.

During the Trump administration, there were 4000 slots for settlement of Iraqi refugees during 2020. However, once the statistics came out, it was seen that only 537 people were brought to the United States in that year. That program lasted till September of 2020. Before Donald Trump became President of the United States, more than 9800 Iraqis were settled in the United States before the fiscal year of 2016.

A major push comes for helping settle the interpreters and other personnel who endangered their lives to help the interests of the United States. These people worked for the United States Army and supported the personnel overseas throughout life-threatening military operations. The executive order also pressed significantly on the effect of climate change, which caused the significant displacement of people worldwide. The current administration is working on creating a report to be published within six months. Joe Biden is also working to recant several policies established by Donald Trump, including an order in 2019 that requires the communities to provide consent for the settlement program. 

When Will the New Refugee Admissions Limits Begin?

President Joe Biden signed the executive order on Thursday to increase the limit of refugees to 125,000 from the current 15,000, which will come into effect on October 1st, 2021.

What Happens Next?

In a speech to the nation, Joe Biden has stated that it will take some time to recuperate from the effect of the decisions of the previous administration. The reputation that the United States held as a world leader has been damaged, and it will be a long way to go before it is reinstated. However, this administration will do everything to make sure that they improve their relationship with other world leaders.

The dropping number of settlements in the United States has been a cause of concern for a long time. The executive order calls for an efficient method of using biometric data and video teleconferencing tools to interview the applicants to facilitate a smooth transition. According to the co-founder of Boundless, who is also an immigration policy expert, there are plenty of opportunities through cutting edge technology to improvise the whole system of transition and make the goal of 125,000 refugee admission possible.

According to the order, women, children, and others facing the threat of life or persecution for their sexual orientation, gender, or political orientation will be given preference and prioritized for settlement. It will also encounter any changes caused by global warming and climate issues. Joe Biden will also advocate the senior director of the National Security Council to work with various US agencies to settle the refugees, which will create a more efficient and secure settlement program.

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The moves by Joe Biden are closely correlated with the version of Barack Obama, the previous Democratic President. Currently, Joe Biden is waiting to rectify issues of the last administration through his new executive order. The goal of this administration is to increase the 15,000 admission limit to 125,000 by the end of the next fiscal year. The executive order comes into fruition the following October 2021.

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