Buy Property in Philippines on a Visa in the U.S.

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Are you looking to invest your money in real estate? Are you perhaps looking for a vacation home abroad? Or are you simply in the market for a retirement destination in a foreign country? Perhaps you should consider buying property in the Philippines.

Foreigners can buy property in the Philippines. It is actually much simpler than you’d think. Here is some more information about how to buy property in the Philippines.

Can Visa Holders Buy Property in the Philippines?

First, let’s address the most important question. Can visa holders buy property in the Philippines? Yes, foreigners with valid visas may buy property in the Philippines. You are allowed to own a residence, but you can’t own the land it is built upon. There are specific rules and regulations that govern the real estate industry in the Philippines.

Here are the key takeaways for foreigners in the process of buying property in the Philippines:

  • Foreigners are prohibited from owning land, but they may legally own a residence.
  • The Philippine Condominium Act allows foreigners to own condo units, as long as 60% of the entire building is owned by Filipinos.
  • Consider a long-term lease with a Filipino landowner if you want to buy a house.
  • It’s possible to buy a property through a corporation as long as 60% (or more) of the ownership is in control of Filipino citizens.

So yes, you can own property in the Philippines. But you’ll have to be mindful of local laws and regulations governing the Filipino real estate industry. Your situation is unique and you’ll have to make sure you comply with the required eligibility criteria. The best advice would come from Filipino real estate experts. Ask specialists like real estate agents or attorneys registered in the Philippines to assist you with the process. They’d also be able to advise you about ways to send money to foreign countries to pay for your new property.

Documents Required to Buy Property in the Philippines

There is a legal side to every real estate transaction and it usually requires specific types of documents. You need to make sure you comply with the local laws and get the paperwork in order before you can legally own a property.

Here is a list of documents you need to buy property in the Philippines.

  • Deed of Absolute Sale (DOAS)
  • Land Tax Declaration
  • The new title deed

This is a very basic list of the most important documents. There are many other documents that may be required when you purchase a property. Your situation will determine which exact documents are required. Find attorneys or real estate agents you trust to help you. They’ll give you the advice you need.

How to Buy Property in the Philippines

Each country has its own way of governing its real estate industry. The Philippines has specific rules and regulations that apply to the buying and selling of property. Here is a basic outline of the legal procedures required for the transfer of a title.

Deed of Absolute Sale

A buyer and seller must come to terms and have the intention to conclude a transaction regarding a property. They agree on the sale and create a Deed of Absolute Sale (DOAS) with the help of a lawyer.

Land Tax Declaration

The Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) issues a Land Tax Declaration that details the tax implications of the sale and subsequent ownership of the property. The document must be submitted to the city or municipal Assessor’s office.

Real Estate Tax

The buyer of the property must now go to the City Treasurer’s Office where they are required to pay real estate taxes on their new property.

Market Value Estimation

The Assessor’s office determines the market value of the property in this step. The valuation has an effect on tax payments.

Transfer Taxes

The Assessor’s office will determine the transfer taxes applicable to the sale. The buyer then has to pay the transfer taxes for the property to the Assessor’s office.

More Tax-Related Payments

The BIR also needs other payments during this process. For example, the seller has to assess whether they have any Capital Gains Tax payments due. A Documentary Stamp Tax payment is another payment required by the BIR.

New Title Deed

After everything has been done, the buyer will need a new title deed stating they are the new rightful owner of the property. The Registry of Deeds cancels the old title and issues the buyer a new title confirming they are the rightful owner of the property.

Tax Declaration

The buyer must request a copy of the new title deed as proof of their ownership. They also need to use that document to request a tax declaration from the Assessor’s office.

Fees Related to Buying Property in the Philippines

Not only does the process of buying property in the Philippines consist of quite a few steps, but there are also quite a few fees involved.

Here are the fees a buyer needs to pay when purchasing a property in the Philippines:

  • Notary Fee – Between 1% and 2% of the total property price.
  • Local Transfer Tax – 0.50% to 0.75% must be paid with regards to a local transfer tax.
  • Registration Fee – 1% of the total value for the registration of the title in the buyer’s name.

How to Use a Stilt Loan to Buy Property in the Philippines

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The Philippines has some wonderful investment opportunities. There are great pieces of real estate to buy. Foreigners are allowed to own property in the Philippines, but you need to meet the eligibility criteria set down by the local government.

You also don’t have to miss any great buys due to a lack of cash. You can get a personal loan to buy property in the Philippines. Make sure you are eligible for a loan and apply today to buy your piece of Filipino heaven.

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