Green Card for Parents: An Overview

Green Card for Parents: An Overview

It goes without saying that getting a green card can be a bit complicated – particularly when you are doing it for a third party, such as your parents. For one thing, the responsibility falls on you, and you have to follow a range of steps to ensure that everything goes smoothly. This is what we’ll discuss in this article – namely about getting a green card for parents. We’ll talk about the documents you need, and other important information.

What Is a Green Card for Parents?

To start with, a green card for parents belongs to the category of family-based green cards. In the position of a legit US citizen, you are entitled to petition for a green card for your parents, or any other close family member for a change, so that they can live in the US.

In order to file this petition, you have to be at least 21 years old. The good part about the possibility of getting a green card for parents is that they don’t have to wait for a visa number so that they can immigrate. That’s because there are various types of visas available, which grant parents a priority.                                                                                           

Required Documents to Sponsor a Green Card for a Parent

As it is the case with most visa or green card applications, there are certain documents you are expected to provide.

When you petition for your…You should provide the following:
  • Form I-130
  • A copy of your birth certificate indicating both your mother’s name and your name
  • A copy of your Certificate of Naturalization/US passport granted that you weren’t born in the US



  • Form I-130
  • A copy of your birth certificate pinpointing the names of both parents and your name
  • A copy of your Certificate of Naturalization/US passport granted that you weren’t born in the US
  • A copy of your parent’s marriage certificate
Father (you weren’t officially legitimated by your father prior to your 18th birthday)
  • Form I-130
  • A copy of your birth certificate – it should outline your father’s name
  • Copy of Certificate of Neutralization or US passport
  • Adequate evidence demonstrating that prior to your 18th birthday you haven’t been officially legitimated by your father



  • Form I-130
  • A copy of your birth certificate displaying both names of your parents
  • Copy of Certificate of Neutralization or US passport
  • A copy of the civil marriage certificate showcasing the relationship between your birth parent and your stepparent. Note that the marriage should have taken place prior to your 18th birthday.
  • Additional evidence such as copies of death certificates, divorce or annulment decrees indicating that the former marriage was legally ended.
Adoptive Parent



  • Form I-130
  • A copy of your birth certificate
  • Copy of Certificate of Neutralization or US passport
  • An official copy of the adoption certificate. Note that the option should have occurred prior to your 16th birthday.
  • A statement showcasing that you have lived in the same house as the adoptive parent.

How to Sponsor a Green Card for Parents

After gathering all the documents you need for your specific case, it’s time to follow a range of steps.

First of all, you need to file an immigrant petition for your parents. This entails submitting a Form-I-130 for each parent. Note that you should fill out a separate application for each parent. Once you do that, the next step is paying the required filing fee of $420 USD.

Moving on, the second step is filling out form G-325A. This basically entails essential biographical information. The USCIS needs this information to assess the eligibility of the applicant. At this point, you don’t have to pay any filing fee.

The third step is completing form I-864 – which is an affidavit of support. This is necessary as it showcases that, in the position of a sponsor, you take on the responsibility of financially supporting the new immigrants. The new form entails 2D barcode technology, in order to gather information fast and efficiently.

And lastly, after the medical examination, the surgeon will provide Form I-693. Note that it should be in a sealed envelope.

Optional Steps: I-765 (EAD)

There are some optional steps as well, which aren’t necessary – such as submitting form I-765. To that end, if your parents want to get employment authorization when they are in the US, you should file this as well. Still, there is a filing fee you need to pay – worth $380. The biometric service fee costs an extra $85. You should do a bit of research regarding EAD if your parents want to work in the US.

Form I-131: Application for Travel Document

Moving on to form I-131, this grants a re-entry permit, advance parole travel document or a refugee travel document. You can find out more information about this here.

Green Card for Parents Processing Time

The processing time for a green card for parents may vary. But usually, it can take a couple of months, up to six, although you might get an answer sooner than that.

Green Card for Parents FAQ

When it comes to official documentation, the odds are that you always have some questions. Here are some of the most common ones on the topic of getting a green card for parents.

What If My Parents Are Already in the US – Can They Adjust Their Status Here?

There are basically two scenarios: your parents may already be in the US, or they are outside the USA. If your parents are already in the USA, you might consider filing form I-130 and the Adjustment of Status (AOS), I-485 at once.

On the other hand, if your parents are outside the US, and the petition is approved, they will have to attend an interview. The interview usually takes place at the nearest consulate in their country. Essentially, an interview should be scheduled in advance, and in some cases, it might entail a medical exam as well.

After your parents pay the fee, they can attend the interview. If everything goes as planned, they will get an immigration visa. When they reach the US, at the port entry (POE) they will get a stamp. In a few days’ time, their green card will be delivered.

What If My Parents Don’t Want to Live in the US Year-Round?

There is a misconception according to which getting a green card means enjoying long visits from your parents round the year. Nevertheless, this doesn’t coincide with the US laws. This is why as a green card holder, you must make the USA your permanent home. To that end, trips outside the US that are longer than 6 months will be scrutinized and questioned.

Can a Green Card Holder Sponsor a Green Card for Parents or Siblings?

No, in order to submit a green card application for parents, you need to be a US citizen. As a green card holder yourself, you can only sponsor your spouse or children.

While the Green Card Is Pending, Can My Parents Work in the USA?

No, this isn’t an option. In order to facilitate this, you should get an EAD for them – as we pointed out above.

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