What to Do to Get a Graduate Assistantship on Your First Semester

What to Do to Get a Graduate Assistantship on Your First Semester

Getting some sort of funding can be a really big help for international students. Between relocating to a new country and the pressures of studying, you have enough on your plate without the added stress of financial worries.

Most students wait until after they arrive before trying to secure funding, this usually means that it is the second semester before they get any. However, if you are well prepared, you might be able to get some funding during your first semester.

In this article, we will give you some tips that could help you to plan for funding before you start studying.

What’s a graduate assistantship?

A graduate assistantship is one of the most common forms of funding available in the United States. This involves the student acting as a research or teaching assistant while they are doing their master’s degree.

Universities will have a certain budget set aside for graduate assistantship although you have a much better chance of getting one if you are attending a state school. Normally, graduate assistantships will be awarded in the second semester but if you take some proactive steps you might be one of the lucky few who manages to get one in their first semester.

Getting a student assistantship on your first semester: What To Do

The first thing you will need to do is be in communication with the university. Even if this doesn’t help you secure a graduate assistantship during your first semester, it will help you to be organized and in the best possible position to get one in your second semester.

Find out who is the person in charge of appointing graduate assistantships and open a line of communication with them. Let them know that you are passionate about your studies and, after a while, tell them you are interested in a graduate assistantship. If you can really sell yourself before you arrive, you have as much of a chance of getting on the program as someone in their second semester.

If you are applying for a number of different schools, you can do the same in each school before deciding on which you will attend. Most people will tell you that they will not select candidates for graduate assistantship before they arrive at the school. However, there is always a way to get around these things. If you can demonstrate your passion, prove that you are suitable and outline how it will help you financially and in the overall scheme of your academic achievements, you will have an improved chance of being selected should a position become available.

If you are not successful at securing graduate assistantship in your first semester, do not give up hope of getting one in your second semester!

Instances of a graduate assistantship in the first semester are quite rare so it will not mean that you have any less of a chance of getting it later. Once you are willing to work and portray yourself positively, you will be in with a chance of getting a position.

Wrapping it up

Have you had any experience with graduate assistantships? Do you have any advice for someone hoping to get one? Let us know in our comments section down below.

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