How to Close a Wells Fargo Account

Updated on March 5, 2024

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  • Close a Wells Fargo account through online, in-person, or phone methods
  • Prepare for the closure by opening a new bank account and transferring financial activities
  • Settle any outstanding balances to avoid negative credit consequences

There could be many reasons why you want to close your bank account. It’s not uncommon for traditional banks to offer free checking accounts only for you to be slammed with hidden fees later on. Or for banks to promise high yields on investments and savings accounts, but then you realize the high fees that come with the high yield don’t really make it worth it. On the other hand, some banks just make it outright difficult for immigrants. Now you’ve found a better banking solution and want to get rid of the hassle. 

Either way, you’re here because you’re wondering how to close a Wells Fargo account. Fortunately, we have the answer. But before you just go ahead and close it, make sure you’re prepared. You don’t want to find yourself in an impractical situation with payments to make or money you wish to receive but no bank account!

Below we cover how to close a Wells Fargo account and also give you a few tips to make sure it is a smooth process.  

Is It Possible to Close a Wells Fargo Account?

Absolutely. It’s actually also relatively easy. 

You aren’t bound to any bank account for life. Some banks might make it more challenging to close a bank account than others. But if you don’t owe the bank money, you should be able to close any bank account

We’ll show you how to close a Wells Fargo account in just a bit. Let’s first take a look at what you should do before you close your account. 

What to Do Before You Close Your Account

You should do a few things before you close any bank account, including your Wells Fargo bank account. These aren’t requirements set by the bank but rather practical things, so you don’t get yourself in a pickle.

Here is a checklist of what to do before you close your Wells Fargo account: 

  • Open a new bank account – you will see below why you want to have a new bank account ready before closing your existing one. 
  • Move your salary – if you are receiving your salary or any other payments into your Wells Fargo account, notify your employer or customers (for example) to make the next payment into your new bank account. Make sure you do this at least a week before payment will be made. 
  • Move recurring and online charges – you should move any regular payments that are charged to your current Wells Fargo bank account to your new bank account. This includes things like water, electricity, and rent. It also includes any online subscriptions such as Spotify or Netflix that are charged to your existing account. Of course, you don’t necessarily carry a list of these in your head. The easiest thing to do is to review your monthly statement to see which charges to move. Make sure you move these at least 15 days before they are due. 
  •  Check quarterly, semi-annual, and annual payments – not all your recurring charges happen monthly. Some only occur quarterly or annually, for example. You don’t want to miss these and have them try and charge it to a non-existing bank account. Try and make a list of these (there usually aren’t that many) and move them over to your new bank account. 
  • Overdue fees – check if there are any overdue bank fees or unpaid balances on your account. If there are, settle the outstanding amounts. If you don’t, it could affect your credit score, as we’ll explain later. 
  • Transfer any remaining funds – finally, once you’ve ticked all the above items off your list, you can transfer any remaining balance (i.e., any money left in your Wells Fargo account) to your new account. 

Now you’ve got all your ducks in a row to close your bank account. Let’s look at how to close a Wells Fargo Account.

Steps for Closing a Wells Fargo Account

There are 3 ways how to close a Wells Fargo account. Let’s take a quick look at each. 

1. Online

This is probably the easiest way to close a Wells Fargo account. You can log onto the Wells Fargo online banking website and go to the Contact Us section. You can then send an e-mail to Wells Fargo requesting your account to be closed. You should receive a confirmation e-mail confirming your account has been closed within a few days if you kept your balance at zero. If you didn’t, they might need to clear the account or have you settle any negative balance before they close it. 

2. Visit a Branch

You can also visit your closest Wells Fargo branch to close your account. Speak to one of the account executives and ask them to close your account. Take your social security number, a document confirming your identity, proof of your address, and pin numbers with you. 

3. Over the Phone

If you can’t get to the closest branch and don’t have access online, you can call the Wells Fargo support center at 1-800-869-3557. You can request your account to be closed over the phone. They will need to verify your identity before they proceed with your request. The support assistant will take you through the necessary steps. 

Does Closing a Bank Account Affect Your Credit Score?

Merely closing your bank account doesn’t have any impact on your credit score. Credit bureaus don’t have access to your bank account information, so they can’t report on your transactional activity. 

However, your credit score will be affected if you have a negative overdraft balance on your account, which you don’t repay in a long time. This overdue amount will be passed over to collection agencies. These agencies then report it to the credit bureaus, and your credit score is adjusted accordingly.

You can prevent this from happening by making sure you always pay any negative overdraft balances as soon as possible. If you want to protect your credit score, you should also not close your bank account with a negative overdraft balance and ignore the payment requests. Just because you close the bank account doesn’t mean your negative balance is wiped. Wells Fargo is also not likely to close the bank account with a negative balance in place. You will still owe the money, and your unpaid debt will reflect on your credit score. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can I close my Wells Fargo account?

To close a Wells Fargo account, you can visit a local branch, call their customer service line, or send a written request. Ensure all balances are cleared and any direct deposits or automatic payments are redirected before closing.

Is it possible to close a Wells Fargo account online?

As of my last update, Wells Fargo does not offer the option to close accounts online. You need to visit a branch, call their customer service, or send a written request.

Are there any fees associated with closing a Wells Fargo account?

Wells Fargo may charge fees if the account is closed soon after opening or if certain conditions are not met. It’s advisable to check with the bank for any potential fees related to account closure.

What should I do before closing my Wells Fargo account?

Before closing your account, transfer any remaining balance, cancel any automatic payments or direct deposits, and ensure all outstanding checks have cleared.

How long does it take to close a Wells Fargo account?

The time it takes to close a Wells Fargo account can vary. It’s generally processed within a few business days after the bank receives your request, but it’s advisable to confirm with the bank.

What happens if I have a negative balance in my Wells Fargo account?

If you have a negative balance, you’ll need to settle it before you can close your account. Wells Fargo may not close the account until the negative balance is resolved.

Can I reopen my Wells Fargo account after closing it?

Reopening a closed account is typically not possible; you would usually need to open a new account. However, policies can vary, so it’s best to check with Wells Fargo directly.

Will closing my Wells Fargo account affect my credit score?

Closing a bank account in itself does not directly affect your credit score. However, if you have an overdraft line that gets closed with the account, it could have an impact.

What happens to automatic payments linked to my Wells Fargo account after closing?

After closing your account, any automatic payments linked to the account will not be processed. You should make alternative arrangements for these payments.

Can I close my Wells Fargo account if I have a pending transaction?

It’s best to wait until all pending transactions have cleared before closing your account. Closing an account with pending transactions can lead to complications.

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Now you know how to close a Wells Fargo account. And you’re also prepared with everything you need to do before you close your account. Just follow the easy steps above, and you’ll be free of your Wells Fargo account in no time. 

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