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Updated on April 8, 2024

At a Glance

  • Routing numbers, also known as RTNs or ABA routing numbers, are used by banks like TD Bank for various transactions.
  • They are 9-digit numbers used by the Federal Reserve Banks and the ACH network to process money transfers.
  • TD Bank has different routing numbers for each state and specific numbers for ACH transfers and wire transfers.
  • To find your TD Bank routing number, you can check a TD Bank-issued check or use online banking. Routing numbers are essential for tasks like bill payments, direct deposits, and wire transfers.

You may already have a bank account with TD Bank, one of the largest ones in the industry. When you make a payment or have to make a money transfer, you may need the routing number. What exactly is the TD Bank routing number and what are the different types you can use? Moreover, how can you find the right one to use? Let’s find out!

Kinds of TD Bank Routing Numbers

Many financial institutions such as banks and others use routing numbers to be able to identify themselves. These numbers contain 9 digits, and people also tend to call them RTNs, ABA routing numbers, or routing transit numbers.

These numbers are used by the Federal Reserve Banks in order to be able to process Fedwire money transfers. Simultaneously, they are used by the ACH network in order to process transfers of electronic funds, such as bill payments and direct deposits.

There are different kinds of routing numbers, and until you close a TD account you may want to know the specific routing number in a certain state or the number for ACH transfers or wire transfers. Here are the various types of TD Bank routing numbers available:

TD Bank Routing Numbers by State

You may be looking for a TD Bank routing number in a specific state. Routing numbers for TD Banks will be different depending on the location, which is why you should check all the details necessary.

Here is a list of the TD Banks and their routing number by state:

  • TD Bank Rhode Island – 211370545
  • TD Bank Maine – 211274450
  • TD Bank Connecticut – 011103093
  • TD Bank New Hampshire – 011400071
  • TD Bank Maryland – 054001725
  • TD Bank New York – Upstate NY – 021302567
  • TD Bank Delaware – 031201360
  • TD Bank Vermont – 011600033
  • TD Bank South Carolina – 053902197
  • TD Bank Pennsylvania – 036001808
  • TD Bank North Carolina – 053902197
  • TD Bank New York – Metro NYC – 026013673
  • TD Bank New Jersey – 031201360
  • TD Bank Virginia – 054001725
  • TD Bank Metro District of Columbia – 054001725
  • TD Bank Massachusetts – 211370545
  • TD Bank Florida – 067014822

TD Routing Numbers for Wire Transfers

Routing numbers for TD Bank wire transfers will vary depending on whether you want to make an international wire transfer or a domestic one. For international wire transfers, the TD Bank routing number is 211274450. Meanwhile, for domestic ones, the TD Bank routing number is 11103093.

If you wish to send a domestic wire transfer, you will need the wire routing number 031101266. This same number can also be used for international wire transfers. A SWIFT code will also be required when you make an international wire transfer, and the SWIFT code for TD bank is NRTHUS33XXX.

TD Routing Numbers for ACH Transfers

When you make an ACH transfer to a TD Bank account, you’ll also need an ACH routing number. Routing numbers for domestic ACH transfers are different for every state – therefore, you must check the list above to find the specific one. Make sure to include the ACH number.

Which TD Bank Routing Number Should You Use?

Dealing with banks for the first time can be truly challenging. You may be asking yourself many questions, such as how many bank accounts you should have, how many fees you will have to pay, and which routing number you should use for transactions.

Since there are different types of TD Bank routing numbers, you must ensure that you use the right one. The one you use depends on the type of transaction you are making. For instance, one number may be needed for setting up automated bill payments, while another may be required for receiving ACH transfers.

Banks such as TD Bank may have multiple routing numbers. They do not share them with other banks, though. This will ensure that you can send your money to the right account.

How to Find Your TD Bank Routing Number

You may not know how to find your TD Bank routing number. Luckily, there are two methods you can use:

How to Find Your TD Bank Routing Number on a Check

One of the easiest ways to find your TD Bank routing number is by using a check. If you have any TD Bank check, take it and you will see the routing number located at the bottom. The first 9 digits will represent the routing number. The ones you see after the routing number represent the bank account number and cheque number.

How to Find Your TD Bank Routing Number Online

If you do not have a check ready at the moment, you can simply find your routing number online. Here is what you should do:

  • Search for it online – You can simply do a Google search and you will find the TD bank routing number for wire transfers and checking accounts.
  • Statement or check – A check or bank statement issued by the bank will also allow you to find your routing number.
  • Using TD Bank Online Banking – Logging in to online banking will allow you to get the TD Bank routing number you need.
  • Fedwire – Access the Federal Reserve website and you will be able to find your routing number there.

Difference Between Routing Numbers, SWIFT Codes, BIC and IBANs

Routing numbers, BIC and IBANs, as well as SWIFT codes, are all different things.

Routing numbers can help identify a bank when a wire transfer or ACH payment is processed. This only applies in the U.S., though. If you make payments to friends in Europe, for instance, a routing number will not be necessary.

SWIFT codes can help identify financial institutions when it comes to international payments. Sometimes, they are also called BIC codes.

Lastly, an IBAN is used to identify individual bank accounts – no matter the types of bank accounts. Banks in Europe use them the most, but they are expanding to other areas too.

TD Routing Numbers FAQ

Here are some questions you may still have about routing numbers:

What is a TD Bank Routing Number?

A TD Bank routing number is a nine-digit code used to identify the financial institution in transactions. It is used for direct deposits, electronic payments, and wire transfers associated with TD Bank accounts.

What Are Routing Numbers Used for?

Routing numbers are used by banks for many reasons. They help complete certain financial transactions. As such, one will need the routing number to pay in checks, have payments like pensions or salaries deposited into the bank account, set up a direct deposit, automatically pay bills from the bank account or make an ACH payment or wire transfer to an individual in the U.S.

Why are routing numbers important for TD Bank customers?

Routing numbers are essential for TD Bank customers to ensure correct processing of electronic transactions, such as fund transfers, direct deposits, and bill payments. They are necessary for setting up automatic transactions and wire transfers.

Does TD Bank have different routing numbers for different states?

Yes, TD Bank has different routing numbers for different states. Each state where TD Bank operates typically has a unique routing number.

How can I find my TD Bank routing number?

You can find your TD Bank routing number by:

  1. Checking your bank statement.
  2. Looking at the bottom left corner of your checks.
  3. Logging into your online banking account.
  4. Contacting TD Bank customer service.
  5. Visiting the TD Bank website’s routing number page.

Are routing numbers the same for checking and savings accounts?

Yes, routing numbers at TD Bank are typically the same for both checking and savings accounts within the same state.

Do routing numbers change?

Routing numbers for TD Bank rarely change. They might change if the bank undergoes a merger or reorganization. TD Bank will notify you if your routing number changes.

What is the TD Bank routing number for wire transfers?

For domestic wire transfers, TD Bank uses a different routing number: 031101266. For international wire transfers, the SWIFT code is NRTHUS33XXX.

Can I use the same routing number for ACH and wire transfers at TD Bank?

No, TD Bank uses different routing numbers for ACH transfers and domestic wire transfers. It’s important to use the correct number for the type of transfer you are making.

What happens if I use the wrong TD Bank routing number?

Using the wrong routing number can result in delayed or returned payments. In some cases, it may cause the money to be transferred to the wrong account.

Are TD Bank routing numbers the same for all branches?

Routing numbers may vary between states, but they are typically the same for all branches within the same state. However, this can differ for electronic and wire transfers.

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Final Thoughts

Finding the right TD Bank routing number is a must if you wish to make wire transfers or ACH payments. Make sure to find the right number using this guide and you will encounter no issues.

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