Build credit products without a bank sponsor

Everything you need to launch a fully compliant credit product in 2 weeks.

A new approach
to fintech products

Modular integrations to help with what you need.

We manage licenses and compliance

Do not wait for years to acquire licenses in all the states. We acquire and manage licenses directly. They are built into our APIs. Leave the regulatory and compliance burden to us.

Flexible, scalable, and customizable underwriting

Bring your own KYC, fraud, and underwriting policies. It's easy to get started and customize them with scale.

Debt Capital is on us

We help you get started with debt capital of up to $1M at cost to us. As you scale, we introduce you to our debt capital partners and help you get your first facility.

Credit Builder

Launch a product that helps your customers build credit. We manage all the complexity of origination, payments, and credit reporting for you.

  • Integrate in your app flow
  • Reporting to all 3 credit bureaus
  • Built-in licenses and compliance

Line of Credit

Increase retention and improve monetization with credit products. Launch a small dollar line of credit to help your customers.

  • Push funds to card instantly
  • Inbuilt payments and servicing
  • Reporting to all 3 credit bureaus

Personal Loans

Offer a personal loan in all 50 states without ever filing a lending license. Bring your underwriting and credit policy.

  • Customize 15+ different loan parameters
  • Flexible loan management system
  • Use your credit policy

Launch a product in 2 weeks

One API with
everything you need

Disbursements and origination

Fund user accounts instantly. We will maintain accounts behind the scenes that allow users to start using funds in seconds.

Payments and servicing

We deduct payments and update user accounts in real time.

Ledger and accounting

A loan management system with accounting and ledger is built-in. But you can also bring your own. We work well with others.

Powerful features to help you manage and scale


Build rules to automate repetitive tasks. Free up time for your team to focus on the cases that matter.

Powerful features to help you manage and scale


Track and manage versions of your KYC, underwriting policies, and compliance program right from the dashboard.

Powerful features to help you manage and scale


API requests are logged in immutable databases make it easy to track and audit changes.

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