"Tiltin" Travis Wolf, age 15 yrs, set the new tall stilt world record today, March 10, 1998. The event took place this morning at the Universal Studios, Orlando Florida.


He broke the world record by walking on stilts 40 feet and 10.25 inches, with 26 close steps. The poles were hollow fiberglass poles, which appeared to be about 5 inch diameter. Weight of stilts were 56 pounds. The poles appeared open ended on the bottom. He was walking ontop a bed of sawdust. He sucessfully completed the attempt on the 3rd try, while Guiness World Record officials counted out the 26 steps.


He says he practiced every day for one hour for the last 6 months. He practice within the enclosed walls of an abandoned grain silo.


His dad, "Steady" Eddie Wolf set the prior record at 40 feet and 9.5 inches back in 1988. Initally, he set the record at 40 feet and 6.5 inches back in 1986


Congradulations Travis!!!! We all take our stilts off to you for a job well done. I guess we should call you a "4th Story Guy".



Here's the Associated Press New release:

Wis. Man Sets Stilt Walking Record

.c The Associated Press

MARSHFIELD, Wis. (AP) - It took nearly a decade for Ed ``Steady Eddie'' Wolf to lose his stilt-walking record. But at least he was one-upped by his own flesh and blood.

Atop stilts measuring 40 feet, 10 inches, Travis Wolf took 25 steps Tuesday to set a new mark for the Guinness Book of Records. His dad took the same number of steps in 1988, but his stilts were a half-inch shorter.

``I wasn't nervous at all,'' said Travis, 16.

Travis has been teetering on stilts since he was 1 year old, when he started on 2-inch-high stilts. He started practicing on the super stilts in August.

``I was a lot more nervous than he was,'' Ed Wolf said. ``He was, what do they say, a man of steel. He knew he could do it, without a doubt.''

Also check out video with newstream at: http://www.newstream.com/rm/98-89.ram


Newstream Artical:


Sixteen-year-old Travis Wolf, of Marshfield, Wisconsin, just broke the world's stilt walking record -- a mark previously held by his father Ed. The mark fell on Tuesday at Universal Studios Florida as part of the park's giant Mardi Gras celebration. Wolf -- a high school sophomore -- broke the record using a 40-foot, 10-inch tall pair of stilts. Watch streaming video which provides an inside look at Travis Wolf's record-breaking feat at http://www.newstream.com/98-89.shtml

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